Some persons, especially the elderly, confuse osteoarthritis with rheumatoid arthritis. Complaining of the disease they have in mind strong pains in joints. The signs are similar but the difference between osteoarthritis and arthritis still exists. It is very important to know these differences in order to understand the processes that occur in the cartilaginous tissue and take the right actions for the treatment of ailments. (more…)

An asthma attack in our age of stress full of allergens has become a frequent disease of breathing organs. This disease manifests itself in the form of periodic attacks of shortness of breath or violent cough, which sometimes develop? into choking fits (it is condition when a person can not breathe). (more…)


Modern medicine can not give an unambiguous answer to the question of how to get rid of dog allergies. Persons with an allergy are completely healthy outside of contact with an irritator agent, in this case a dog. It is best for them to beware of such undesirable encounters, and also to try to create around themselves a favorable environment: clean air, moderate humidity and comfort.

Scientists created a number of effective methods of conservative prevention after studying all stages of development of allergic reactions inside the body. Thanks to these methods, they were able to significantly reduce the risks of development of severe consequences for the human body through a clear control and study of certain parts of the process of allergy.

But the patient must remember that the treatment of dog allergies with the help of medications can be prescribed only by a doctor. Therefore, before you define a diagnosis and choose the drugs, you need to consult a specialist. So do not make a diagnosis and do not choose the drugs yourself. As a rule, in this case allergists prescribe a course of antihistamines, blocking the effect of the allergen. Among them are Claritin, Benadryl and others. The patient will also need to simultaneously take antioedematic drugs (Sudafed or Allegra-D), which not only reduce edema but also prevent further stagnation of mucus. The patient can also take corticosteroids of local action which include sprays Flonase, Nasonex, Prednisolone and others.

However, the patient should understand that the completed course of medications is not a guarantee of complete elimination of the problem. Since this disease can last for years, respectively, treatment in this case is to be consistent and regular.

In order for the treatment of dog allergies with medication to be effective it is necessary first and foremost to exclude all kinds of contacts with the pathogen. More precisely, person with an allergy should keep away from dogs, do not touch or kiss them. If you suffer from allergies do not bring dogs to your house and try not to visit people who have a four-legged guard. If you need to go to visit your relatives or friends who have a dog ask them not to let the dog into the room where you will spend the night. A week before the planned trip you need to start taking antihistamines to exclude a possible allergic reaction.

If there is no dog in your house then it will be much easier for you to stick to the above recommendations. But if the allergy has made itself felt when your dog lives with you for more than one year then you need to remember and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Give preference to wooden floors or linoleum because floor carpeting is contraindicated to you.
  • Do general cleaning in your apartment or house (preferably wet cleaning) as often as possible.
  • Always ventilate the room so that the dog's fur and dust do not propagate in the house, use a variety of air purifiers.
  • Bathe your four-legged companion as often as possible. This will help you significantly reduce the amount of wool in the air.

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disorder of the human respiratory system. It is manifested by attacks of suffocation congestion of sputum. All this significantly impairs the quality of life of a person suffering from this disease, affecting the functioning of many organs and systems. (more…)

Dose frequency and therapy regimen depend on how long antibiotics stay in your system. For example, there are drugs that the patient should take every 4 hours and there are those that you can take only once in a few days. The drug in the process of medication intake is concentrated in certain organs. For example, Lincomycin is best accumulated in the bones, so it is more often used in the treatment of inflammatory processes in bone tissues. (more…)

Public health is the health of the population as a whole, formed due to the impact of social and biological factors. It is estimated based on certain indicators: basic (demographic, indicators of morbidity, physical development), additional medical-demographic and sociological. This is a combination of sciences, skills and concepts aimed at preserving the health of all people through collective or social action. In the corresponding programs, services and institutions, special attention is paid to the prevention of diseases and the health-related needs of the general population. (more…)

Health psychology is a fairly new and actively developing branch of psychology. This is the science of the psychological causes of health, methods and means of its preservation, strengthening and development. This science includes the practice of maintaining human health (from conception to death). It studies a healthy personality, given the variety of individual and social norms of “health” and “illness”. (more…)

Arthritis is an ailment that affects thousands of people around the world, i.e. this is a widespread disease. The disease got its name from the word of “athron”, which stands for “joint” in Greek . (more…)

Antibiotics for clinical use are usually divided into object drugs and relief medications. Antibiotics of choices are drugs that have an optimal benefit-risk profile and from which the treatment is initiated before determining the sensitivity of the microorganisms that caused the disease. (more…)

Physical health of a person is a natural state of the body, conditioned by the normal functioning of all its organs and systems. Humanity is constantly striving to improve and facilitate its mode of life. This type of health is an important attribute that determines the overall level of health of the population. (more…)