As a rule, the first menstruation always causes ambiguous feelings in most girls. On the one hand, they are glad that they are growing up, and on the other, they are afraid. Many people wonder how to recognize the first symptoms of it and so on. (more…)

The disinfecting properties of silver are known from the very depths of centuries. Silver was used not only as jewelry, but also as a substance suitable for the disinfection of water. But is this true? It is known that silver water, the benefits and harm of which is actively discussed today in modern medicine, has many unique properties. (more…)

The reason of burning feet is often allergic reactions. Many people wear shoes made of artificial leather or synthetic materials. The trigger can be a poor quality of shoe dyeing, insoles or socks. Sometimes alimentary melalgia and feet itching is caused by cosmetic remedies against sweating of the feet. (more…)

The hair tissue mineral analysis is an analytical test, which is widely used in the diagnosis of pathological conditions. The concentration of microelements can be determined both in body fluids and in tissues. (more…)

The modern market provides a wide choice of shampoos, but among them you need to find a really good one. Such shampoo should make hair soft and obedient. It should also wash off the sebum from the roots well, be well foaming and contain natural ingredients. (more…)

Everybody experiences facial edemas, caused by excess water and salty food. Often can be hidden pathologies of the internal organs under the swelling of the face. The internal organs disorders, which lead to changes in the concentration of proteins, salts or increased pressure in the veins and capillaries, can result in puffiness of the forehead as well as the other parts of the body. (more…)

Sometimes loss of hair stops by itself, when the initial reason of it has been eliminated. At the same time it can turn into a chronic form, when such a problem lasts more than three months. However, it is better not to wait that long and support the hair at the initial stage of the process, before a prominent decrease in the hair density, since the restoration of the density is a fairly long process. (more…)

Alcoholism is a chronic disease caused by the systematic use of ardent spirits, characterized by a stable dependence on them. None is born as an alcoholic; you just can become an alcoholic. Various factors contribute to this. (more…)

There are no concurrent views concerning arterial hypotension (or hypotonia): whether it's a disease or not. On the one hand, hypotension causes a complex of clinical symptoms, demands treatment and can be considered as a disease. But on the other hand, this dysfunction doesn't cause any pathological changes in an organism and serious consequences like hypertension. (more…)

A plasma medicine is understood as a direct treatment of cells of a human body by means of plasma. The research group headed by the prof. Friedman in Drexel University, USA, has been engaged in pioneer work on use of atmospheric plasmatic systems for skin treatment since 15 years already. He was the first scientist who explored the different types of direct and indirect impact of this substance on human skin. At the same time he discovered interrelation between reduction of microorganisms quantity by using this substance (plasmatic disinfection) and healing of wounds. (more…)