Viagra is the most popular medicine designed to solve the problems of male impotence. Viagra got its name from the merger of words “Vigor” (means “strength”, “power”) and Nizagara (the most powerful waterfall in North America). (more…)

Viagra appeared by a pure concidence. The US Pfizer company held clinical trials of a new medicine for the treatment of heart diseases. The expected results of the study did not lead but male patients noticed a concomitant effect. It was improving of erection. Some of them even refused to return the pills after testing. Pfizer experts did not leave the unexpected side effects of tablets unattended. This led to the breakthrough of Viagra to the pharmaceutical market. (more…)

The modern pharmaceutical market is saturated with both original drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and their copies (generics). The active ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil. Therefore, all drugs based on this substance are analogues of Viagra. Analogs replace the original drug quite effectively and have a lower price. Nevertheless, we should not forget that generics often lose to the original drug for factors such as stability of action, presence of side effects, predictability and safety. (more…)

Medication taking of Viagra is recommended only after consultation by a specialist, despite the fact that Viagra can be bought without a prescription (in a pharmacy, on the Internet). It is important for the patient to undergo diagnostic tests. Generic Viagra should be taken only if the cause of sexual dysfunction is abnormal blood circulation in the pelvic area. Medication taking of Viagra in other clinical cases will be useless at best and may also be harmful to health. (more…)

Hormonal contraceptive drugs have gained high popularity due to the possibility of oral use. In addition, when properly applied, they provide protection in 99.7% of cases against unwanted pregnancy. (more…)

It is difficult to say how barbaric modern contraceptive methods our descendants will find, because the most progressive and safe contraceptives used two centuries ago today considered as an instrument of torture. It is known, for example, that in the Middle Ages women wore iron caps on the cervix, lubricated it with a solution of mercury and lead, and inserted into it vaginal pessary made of steel wire and caused infection and bedsores of the reproductive organs. At different times and in different countries, contraceptives were banned by the authorities or by the church, therefore devices such as a vaginal syringe or vaginal douche, which were used to cleanse the internal female organs, periodically appeared on sale. (more…)

According to research, modern oral contraceptives in 98 cases out of 100 can protect a woman from unwanted motherhood. Such high rates determine this method of contraception as one of the most reliable at all times. (more…)

We live in a free society. Independence, above all, involves not only the right to choose, but also the responsibility for our preferences. Therefore, entering into sexual relations, the person decides what they are going to be. So that there won’t be offense and disappointment instead of love and romance t you need to know what contraception is. (more…)

A distinctive feature of the modern world is a large-scale movement to free the individual from various cultural, religious and social stereotypes. A significant part of this process is associated with the attainment by women of reproductive freedom. This means that the woman is given back the right to control her own body: to live such a sexual life which she prefers, and independently decide whether she is ready to conceive or end an unwanted pregnancy. In many ways, it was the emergence and development of hormonal contraception that allowed women to take control of their bodies. (more…)

Contraceptive pills, which are based on hormones, are designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy. And, although the efficacy of most oral contraceptives goes up to nearly 100 %, many women still get pregnant. (more…)