What happens to the hair in the winter and how properly take care?
Cold winter, when cold chills the skin, and the streets are covered with white and fluffy snow, it is worth considering not only on holiday in hot countries, but also to take care of how to preserve the health and beauty of natural hair. And it can be done quite simply. The main thing to ensure proper hair care in winter. (more…)

Working long hours leads to a dangerous heart rhythm disorder

Overworking could lead to more than just a simple exhaustion – it could possibly raise the risk of a very common and possibly dangerous heart rhythm disorder, according to a new British research. The leader of the study says that the results show that overworking/working long hours is strongly related to a high risk of atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib), the most common cardiac arrhythmia. This is a well-known risk factor for a stroke. Some other cardiologists, namely from the USA, are saying that the study couldn't actually prove cause-and-effect, so the results need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, the evidence is still added to the ongoing theme that one's lifestyle and working patterns play a vital role in causing atrial fibrillation. (more…)

Artificial sweeteners do not aid people in losing weight

The shocking news: artificial sweeteners do not aid people in losing weight. The background information is straightforward: in case you use sugar substitutes, you will end up with all the benefits of sweet drinks and foods with no real downsides – no extra calories and carbs. The reality of it all is all but obvious, according to the recent science-based evidence. (more…)

Stressful experiences can age the brain by four years

Recent studies from the US shows that stress can age the brain by 4 years. The study was fairly straightforward: they examined the mental capacity, cerebral performance in memory, logical reasoning test of over 1000 males and females in their fifties to determine their brain's well-being. Although the study showed no strong correlation between stress and risks of Alzheimer's in the later stages of life, it has shown that stressful experience will affect brain functions and that in and of itself may be the cause of Alzheimer's in the long run. (more…)

New “living” drug that fights cancer, praised as a “paradigm shift”

There's a brand-new “living” drug that destroys cancer cells utilizing your body's natural immune system. This new type of cancer drug uses genetically modified cells from a person's host defense system. If the FDA certifies it, this would be the first and the only time they have ok'd a gene therapy drug. The workings behind the medicine are fairly simple, it's all about discovering “natural” methods to use body's own immune system to eradicate cancer. (more…)

Double-booking: what's at stake here?

There's a controversial practice that existed ages, it's been pretty much the standard in many-many places for decades, but during the last couple of years, there's been a huge uproar about it. The problem in question is, of course, surgeons operating on 2 patients at once. The problem of overlapping surgery has lead to some serious debates in the medical field and the media.
Usually, the hospitals themselves make the decision, whether to ban this practice. (more…)

Appendicitis and its reasons

The Appendix is part of the human gut. The name of the disease appendicitis comes from the Latin name of the cecum. Joining the end -IS to the name of the human organ means the inflammation of this organ.

More than 40% of people are admitted to the hospital with appendicitis each year in order to restore their health. Symptoms of the disease are very simple. The main symptom is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the right. They are joined by nausea and vomiting. During the attack the person can precisely show the localization of the pain. (more…)

The diagnostics of appendicitis is not very difficult. It is necessary to apply for admission to a competent doctor. Symptoms of chronic and acute appendicitis are very different.

The symptoms and mechanism of developing the disease

The most frequent cases of attacks of pain can be observed in acute appendicitis. Often the chronic form of appendicitis is asymptomatic. Acute appendicitis occurs as a result of blockage of the lumen of the cecum. In the intestine there is stagnation of blood and lymph. Cecum increases in size. It is causes of painful symptoms. In the intestinal lumen secretes mucus. In this case, suffer overall health. (more…)

Laparoscopy – methods and description

Operation laparoscopy was invented in the 20th century. Laparoscopic appendectomy has gained wide distribution because of the least trauma of tissues. Tissue healing after this surgery goes much faster.

Compared to conventional surgery appendectomy formed very little scarring after surgery. The essence of that operation lies in the fact that on the abdominal wall make a few small incisions in length up to not more than 2 cm. In one of the incisions that is located closer to the operated organ, enters laparoscope's tube. This part of the laparoscope is connected to a computer that displays an image of internal organs on the monitor. The operating surgeon has a good opportunity to explore the operated organs. Monitor allows increasing or reduce the image. (more…)

ARI is not so harmless as many believe – they are dangerous due to their numerous complications, which can manifest themselves during many years. It is always necessary to treat a cold of a bacterial nature and the flu, and the sooner the course of therapy starts, the less is the risk of these complications. The generally accepted cold treatment scheme includes two types of medications – etiotropic, that are agents affecting the pathogen, and symptomatic, allowing to minimize manifestations of the disease (more…)