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What is iMedix?

iMedix is a free Health community site that helps you find and share health information with patients around the world. The idea is that you can make better health decisions using information and support gained by discussing your health experiences with others.

Here you can easily search for any medical condition, symptom, drug or treatment and learn from the valuable experiences of millions of other patients. Our dedicated community members are helping thousands of patients like you every day. Below you can read how our site can help you, your friends and loved ones.

Step 1: Ask a Question
Step 2: Browse Support Groups
Step 3: Find Helpful Members
Step 4: Search For Health Articles
Step 5: Join iMedix For Free

Step 1: Ask a Question

Posting a question is a free, quick and easy way to find answers about any health topic. Just type your question and click the ‘Ask’ button. iMedix will immediately distribute your question to thousands of relevant members who will try to answer it based on their knowledge and personal experience. Ask your question Ask your health question
Receive Your Answer: iMedix will notify you as soon as you receive answers to your question. You will usually receive more than one answer and will be able to vote for the most valuable one. See a list of recent questions and answers on iMedix List Of recent Questions

Step 2: Browse Support Groups

Browse through hundreds of energetic communities to find one that will provide you with useful information and relevant members regarding your health interest. Browse the iMedix Support Groups Browse the iMedix Support Groups

Step 3: Find Helpful Members

Browse Through Members Profiles:
Instantly find online community members all over the world that share a health interest with you. Discover their interests, background and health experience. Search members according to their health interests, gender, age range or geographic location. Search for community members Search for community members

Live Chat:
Immediately chat with community members that are online! You can start a live chat and share information with one another. If you find a helpful and interesting member, you can add him/her to your friends list with a single click. Chat with online community members Chat with online community members

Personal Inbox:
iMedix provides you with a free inbox that lets you keep in touch with other members and exchange information with one another in a secure and private environment. Check your personal inbox

Step 4: Search For Health Articles

Search any medical condition, symptom, treatment or drug using the iMedix Health Search Engine (Won 4 prestigious awards and featured on CNN as one of the best health search engines on the web that screen out the garbage for you).

Type In Your Search Query:
Type in your search query and find millions of articles, videos and community members instantly. Start your search Start your search

Medical Dictionary, Spell Checker & AutoComplete:

As you type, iMedix will spell check and auto-complete your search query with related medical terms. This helps you phrase your query and might even give you ideas on what to search for. Start your search Start your search

Find Health Articles Ranked By the Community:
The iMedix community constantly filters and ranks articles to save you hours of research time. iMedix will also help you refine your search by suggesting related terms that were searched by other members. Start your search

Verify the Reliability of Any Health Site:
iMedix provides an indication on the reliability of this site by specifying which healthcare organizations accredited its content, e.g. HON, URAC Start your search Start your search

Step 5:Join iMedix For Free

Anyone can join iMedix for free (It takes less than 10 seconds … we’ve timed it :-)).
Once you join iMedix, you will instantly be able to conduct ongoing conversations with other members interested in the same conditions, gain better understanding of your symptoms, find answers to your most difficult medical questions and simply gain moral support. You will quickly see the benefits, knowledge and strength you receive to make better health decisions. Join the iMedix Community for Free