iMedix overview

iMedix is a community-powered health search engine that allows people to easily find and share health information in order to make better health-related decisions.

The company's innovative approach is a unique combination of a medical search engine with a collaborative community platform. Patients can immediately chat with others that suffer from similar conditions and benefit from reading medical web articles that were ranked by the community.

iMedix will utilize its technology and services to connect pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and medical organizations with highly targeted consumers in the rapidly growing market of online healthcare.

The iMedix product

The iMedix product has four key benefits that will position the company as a leader in the online healthcare industry:

  1. Connecting Patients – iMedix matches people who suffer from similar conditions and allows them to chat with each other in real time. Patients can also send offline messages to each other through a private messaging system. The communication is private and secure and empowers patients to make better informed decisions through interaction and valuable sharing of knowledge.
  2. Evolutionary health search engine – iMedix’s patent-pending search technology provides highly relevant results in response to health related queries. The engine analyzes users’ feedback against millions of medical articles, pictures and videos in order to provide the best answers for health questions and concerns.
  3. Reliable Health Information – Reliable sources of information are paramount to online health seekers. iMedix provides consumers with filtered results approved by top medical accreditation organizations such as HON, URAC and others. In addition, iMedix provides a clear indication of the author or source of each article.
  4. Targeted Marketing Platform – Marketers in the healthcare industry find it difficult to reach their target audience. iMedix provides an effective channel for marketers to offer relevant products and services to a highly targeted audience. This is based on the algorithm's ability to accurately identify specific individual healthcare needs.


iMedix's mission is to become the leading online healthcare community and to make health information organized, meaningful and available for every individual.