4 of the Most Bizarre Paraphilias

Sexual attraction towards non-conventional objects, commonly known as paraphilia, is not a rare phenomenon and encapsulates a surprisingly large and varied group of libidinal quirks. A few of these paraphilias are so common that they are intertwined with much of the prevalent sexual culture, while others may predispose individuals to behaviors that cause significant distress and/or embarrassment in their lives. The most obscure, however, tend to be downright bizarre or creepy. There are so many different paraphilias that compiling a small list to highlight can be challenging. Nevertheless, the 4 following examples listed in this article are so bizarre that they can even be looked upon as unreal.

Odontophilia – Odontophilia is the sexual attraction for teeth or the sight of a tooth extraction. It's a rare paraphilia, but its expression might be growing in online communities. Odontophilia does not include the physical act of engaging sexually with teeth in any way. Orgasm can be achieved by merely looking at pictures or videos of teeth.

Dentists are always happy to see people brushing their teeth. Naturally, this is largely just a natural side effect of understanding the consequences of poor oral hygiene. But given the visually unappealing and even stenchy nature of dentistry, it wouldn't be surprising to find that this paraphilia has its largest representation among dentistry professionals.

Forniphilia – In this paraphilia, pleasure is derived from an extreme objectification of the partner. The partner ceases to be a living being and becomes an inanimate piece of furniture with which the other partner interacts as such. The objectified subject can remain immobilized for an arbitrary length of time in its portrayal of a functional or decorative object. It can be physically taxing to the human object. Forniphilia is deeply intertwined with bondage and may be considered a form of BDSM.

Zoosadism – As the name implies, this involves sadistic arousal from animals suffering. It may involve any animal in pain for being harmed purposefully or by accident. The fixation on the animal's suffering is so strong for zoophiles that these people can engage in animal cruelty themselves. In its worse forms, zoosadism is intertwined with sexual acts with the animal (or their dead bodies) in addition to fatal torture/mutilation. This is one of the cruelest and saddest fetishes.

Taphophilia – This one clearly revolves around a deep-seated collective fear, but it is a sexual delight for the rare taphophiles. The lack of air, the immobilization, and the agony caused by the act is an orgasmic experience for the adepts of this bizarre fetish. In most cases, the taphophile must dig their own “grave” before a partner buries them alive (in a mutually agreed act). This is definitely one of the scariest paraphilias.