A Study on Improving Men’s Sexual Performance by Consuming Fenugreek Seeds

Sex is an important part of human life. In fact, a study published in the Social Psychological & Personality Science journal revealed that couples who have sex at least once a week are the happiest. The findings were the result of a survey of over 30,000 US citizens. All of these individuals were in romantic relationships.

The same researchers surveyed 197 men through an online survey. They discovered that sex was more likely to lead to happiness in a couple than money was.

Unfortunately, some men face difficulties when it comes to sexual performance. These difficulties may strain a relationship, as the man feels insecure about himself.

Sometimes, female partners also feel frustrated, as they would prefer a partner who can meet their expectations in the bedroom.

A Study on fenugreek seeds and men’s sexual performance

To address this issue, the Applied Science & Nutrition Company collaborated with the University of Queensway to see if fenugreek seeds can improve a man’s sexual function and performance. Luis Vitetta, who was a professor at Queensway at that time, led the study. The researchers recruited sixty healthy men whose ages ranged from 25 to 52 years old. This group of men took 600 milligrams of fenugreek seeds twice a day for a total of 6 weeks. Another group of men took placebo pills using them for the same period as the first group. The researchers then noted the libido levels experienced by these participants during this time.

The findings of the study

The study showed that men who took the seeds had their scores for libido levels increased from 16.1 to 20.6, which is a 28% rise in libido levels. Therefore, the research team concluded that consuming fenugreek seeds could increase your libido by more than a quarter of its current level.

In contrast, the scores for libido levels fell a bit in the second group of men who took the placebo pills. This fall indicates that the rise of libido levels in the first group was not because of positive psychological thoughts. Rather, it was the result of a biological process initiated by the fenugreek seeds. More specifically, the scientists found that the seeds contain saponins, which stimulate the production of sex hormones in men including testosterone.

The importance of the study

The study is important because it gives men hope that there is a natural remedy to inadequate sexual performance. This natural remedy means men do not have to fear potential side effects when it comes to treating their condition with drugs. In fact, they can just consume these seeds naturally and it will improve their sexual performance.

As a matter of fact, many Indian dishes have the seeds as a primary ingredient. Fenugreek also has other health benefits that include lowering your cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation occurring inside your body.