ADHD: My Favorite Hacks

By iMedix
Updated 2023-10-21 08:36:49 | Published 2021-01-13 12:09:40

It's been less than a year since I received my ADHD diagnosis at the age of 41. However, I have actually been using various techniques to manage my ADHD symptoms for as long as I can remember. I have found success with some of these methods and wanted to share them with others. Please note that I am not promoting any specific products or services in this post.

When it comes to work, my colleagues and I have implemented several systems that help us stay organized and on top of tasks. One tool that has been particularly helpful for me is Basecamp. Unlike Slack, which tends to overwhelm me, Basecamp allows me to set reminders and tasks for myself. I can even create to-do lists for my colleagues to remind me of certain deadlines. This system has prevented many major mistakes and keeps our business running smoothly.

Working from home can be challenging, especially for someone with ADHD. To stay focused and prevent myself from getting too absorbed in my work, I use the Routinery app paired with the Pomodoro method. This helps me maintain productivity while also ensuring I take regular breaks for self-care and household tasks. These apps provide structure to my day and motivate me to complete chores that I would otherwise put off.

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Outside of work, I also use Routinery to establish routines that keep me on track. I tend to get easily distracted, so having a set schedule helps me remember important tasks and appointments. However, routines can become monotonous for those with ADHD. To combat this, I mix up my routines by changing the order of tasks or introducing new elements. This keeps things fresh and prevents me from becoming bored or disinterested.

I have developed so many ADHD-related hacks over the years that I often forget they are specific to my condition. It's only when I interact with others who share the same diagnosis that I realize how much ADHD has influenced my life. I constantly expend energy on systems and processes that neurotypical individuals may never have to consider.

I would love to hear about the techniques and strategies others have discovered for managing their own ADHD. Additionally, if there are any practices that you have abandoned, I would be interested in knowing why. Sharing our experiences can help us learn from one another and improve our overall well-being.

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