How We Moved Forward from My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

By Michael Bootle
Updated 2024-03-24 14:09:16 | Published 2022-12-01 04:06:49
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Discovering that my mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease was an incredibly devastating moment in my life. Despite the numerous warning signs that were starting to become apparent, my mother had managed to conceal her condition from the rest of the family remarkably well.

How one woman cares for mom diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

We had noticed small instances of forgetfulness, confusion, and peculiar behavior, such as her calling 411 to find her sister's number or asking for addresses she had already written down in her address book. She also began making unfounded accusations, forgetting to pay her bills, and misplacing various items. However, we chalked it up to normal aging and didn't think much of it.

One particularly distressing incident was when my mother called me in a state of distress, informing me that she had lost her wedding ring and had no recollection of where she had placed it. It was during this time that she started experiencing more severe memory lapses. I vividly remember the day my mother got lost on her way back from work and had to pull over on the side of the road, unable to find her way home. Thankfully, someone from her small town recognized her and guided her safely back home. It was at this point that we truly realized something was seriously wrong. It became evident that her struggles were not merely due to typical age-related changes but rather indicative of significant memory loss.

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Motivated by our growing concerns, I promptly scheduled an appointment for my mother to see a neurologist. During the visit, she underwent a physical examination, discussed her family medical history, and underwent both a memory test and an MRI. I distinctly recall the neurologist's entrance into the room, exuding a solemn demeanor that immediately conveyed the gravity of the situation. I will forever remember the moment when the doctor uttered the words that confirmed our worst fears.

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