Appendicitis and its reasons

The Appendix is part of the human gut. The name of the disease appendicitis comes from the Latin name of the cecum. Joining the end -IS to the name of the human organ means the inflammation of this organ.

More than 40% of people are admitted to the hospital with appendicitis each year in order to restore their health. Symptoms of the disease are very simple. The main symptom is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the right. They are joined by nausea and vomiting. During the attack the person can precisely show the localization of the pain.

Appendicitis may be complicated by peritonitis and sepsis. Peritonitis refers to inflammation of the abdominal wall. Sepsis means a blood infection coming from internal inflammatory processes. As a result of inflammation the walls of the cecum is thickening.

  • This causes a disturbance of blood circulation in the intestinal walls. Inflammation leads to disruption of the nutrition of the vessel walls of the colon. In the gut bacteria start to breed. And when their level reaches a critical state, it starts tissue necrosis. The bacteria corrode the wall of an organ.
  • This is accompanied by severe pain, requiring surgery. The intestine does not perform its function. Intestinal peristalsis stops. The feces stay in the intestine. The circulation disorders of lymph through the lymphatic vessels promotes inflammation in the deeper layers of the intestine. The cause of inflammation of the cecum may be different hypertrophic processes in the intestinal lumen. It can be fecal stones, gall bladder stones, cancer processes.

The number of cancer processes has increased markedly in the last decade. It suggests the need for annual surveys the population for the presence of cancerous pathological processes. The quality of first aid during the attack, mainly depends on the correct diagnosis. The disease has a typical pain symptom. Doctors call it Pasternatsky's symptom. Often the disease has vague signs and symptoms. The doctors find it difficult to deliver quality diagnosis and it may affect the patient. He will not be assigned adequate treatment. Human health may be affected.

Published at 02/26/2021