Appendicitis – Operation laparoscopy

Laparoscopy – methods and description

Operation laparoscopy was invented in the 20th century. Laparoscopic appendectomy has gained wide distribution because of the least trauma of tissues. Tissue healing after this surgery goes much faster.

Compared to conventional surgery appendectomy formed very little scarring after surgery. The essence of that operation lies in the fact that on the abdominal wall make a few small incisions in length up to not more than 2 cm. In one of the incisions that is located closer to the operated organ, enters laparoscope's tube. This part of the laparoscope is connected to a computer that displays an image of internal organs on the monitor. The operating surgeon has a good opportunity to explore the operated organs. Monitor allows increasing or reduce the image.

Patient's health does not suffer. The surgeon can fully examine the operating field. This operation greatly facilitated the work of the surgeons and improved the final result. No need to make huge cuts, as did the surgeons before. The operated organs can be seen outside the patient's body. It helps to maintain healthy bodies and the health of the patient. The other incisions are used for keeping surgical tools which helps remove damaged tissue by inflammation.

  • During normal operation of appendectomy is made large incisions. On patient's body remain large scars. They need long time to heal or may suppurate. Laparoscopy is not performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesiologists provide General anesthesia for surgery. The operation lasts only a couple of hours.
  • Laparoscopy reduces hospital stay. Services of the surgical Department are very expensive. It is beneficial to doctors and patients. The patient recovers quickly after surgery. Post-operative recovery is much faster. Patients experience less postoperative pain after surgery. Surgeons see fewer postoperative complications in the wounds. Laparoscopy also has disadvantages.

Statistics show that after laparoscopy appendectomy occur intra-abdominal abscesses. Regular surgery appendectomy are not marked such complications. Medicine cares about the health of patients.

Published at 02/26/2021