Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners do not aid people in losing weight

The shocking news: artificial sweeteners do not aid people in losing weight. The background information is straightforward: in case you use sugar substitutes, you will end up with all the benefits of sweet drinks and foods with no real downsides – no extra calories and carbs. The reality of it all is all but obvious, according to the recent science-based evidence.

After looking at different types of scientific research, the authors came forward with the idea that there's no concrete evidence that sugar substitutes help people lose and manage their weight, all observational data points in a different direction altogether – people who consume the sweeteners are statistically more likely to develop serious health problems in the future.

However, these health problems might not be related to the sweeteners, the study concludes. It's really important to realize the health effects of the sweeteners, because approximately 43% of adults in U.S. only consume them every single day, sometimes twice a day. The different types of research (7 randomized trials and observational studies) actually prove that the sugar substitutes might be helpful if they are used carefully, as a one-to-one ratio replacement for sugar.

In reality, the main reason why sugar substitutes do not aid people in losing weight is simple: people end up eating more sweet/sugary foods, they overcompensate and end up over-eating. There's much guesswork involved: sweeter taste with no added calories may confuse your body, it may change how it interacts with real sugar, it may change your metabolism for the worse.

Published at 02/26/2021