What is asthma and why people get sick

Asthma is a severe lung disease. Often people suffer from this disease whole life. Official medicine considers this disease incurable. Asthma is the worst disease of all diseases of the lungs. Symptoms are variable and often recurrent.

The main symptom of the disease appears sharp and repetitive obstruction of the Airways in the lungs. Doctors call this phenomenon the term bronchospasm. Asthma is injurious to health of human body. The symptoms of disease are familiar to everyone. Most often we can hear the wheezing during asthma attacks. They appear at the height of the attack. The person has cough and chest tightness at the beginning of the attack.

  • А regular symptom of asthma is frequent shortness of breath. We can often see at the street elderly people with frequent shortness of breath. These people know that the attack could come at any moment. So they always have funds for the relief of asthma attacks. The disease episodes may occur once a week or several times a day. It depends on the severity of the disease. Depending on the state of human health they may get worse at night. Seizures can provoke even by small physical activity.
  • Scientists have linked the occurrence of asthma in human body with the genetic factor. The environment is also of importance for the etiology of the disease. Air pollution from industrial wastes and the emergence of plant allergens in the air of the cities is bad ecological indicator for these patients. They need to relocate in such cases. Some drugs provoke asthma attacks in humans. Primarily in this medicine is aspirin. Beta blockers are also included in this group.

The diagnosis of asthma is established not immediately. Human health is under medical supervision for a long time. Asthma is classified on several characteristics. First of all pay attention to the repetition frequency of the attacks. Then measure the volume of exhaled air over a period, measure the speed of the exhaled air. There are many other classification which is based on various research methods.

Published at 02/26/2021