How I Navigate Asthma During the Holidays

By James Smith
Updated 2024-03-22 13:50:59 | Published 2023-03-01 02:39:23
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Until I was 18, and my Christmas tree is taller than my house. But as an asthma sufferer, my favorite seasons can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Understanding Asthma: Mild, Moderate, and Severe

Every year, on September 1st, right as the clock strikes 12:01, I eagerly indulge in a warm cup of pumpkin spice to kick off the Halloween spirit. The start of September signifies the beginning of a ghoulishly good time for me. The thrill of Halloween has always captivated me, and I never want to miss out on the festivities.

By the time Christmas rolls around, my enthusiasm reaches new heights, and Santa's spirit seems to take over our home. The decorations, the gifts, the joy in the air – it all combines to create a festive wonderland. In fact, our Christmas tree is proudly taller than our house! The joy and excitement in those moments are truly unmatched.

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However, amidst all the merriment, my asthma tends to strip away the joy of these cherished seasons. It's disheartening to have my favorite time of the year overshadowed by the struggles that come with asthma. The simple act of breathing becomes a challenge, and I find myself feeling down and out.

Despite these setbacks, I've always held on to the spirit of Halloween. Even as a grown adult, I continued to trick-or-treat until I reached the age of 18. The thrill of dressing up, wandering the neighborhood, and collecting candy was too irresistible to give up. It's a tradition that brings back joyful memories every year.

Similarly, my love for Christmas never wavers. The way our home transforms into a festive wonderland brings immeasurable joy. Despite facing difficulties with asthma, I refuse to let it rob me of the magic that the holiday season provides.

In conclusion, as someone who lives for the pumpkin spice and Christmas extravaganzas, dealing with asthma can present challenges. It's disheartening to have the excitement diluted by health issues. Nevertheless, I hold onto the happiness and traditions that these seasons bring, determined to make the most of them regardless of the obstacles.

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