Don’t Underestimate How Good Layering Can Feel With Eczema

By Christine Lakin
Updated 2024-03-24 13:51:23 | Published 2022-12-16 14:02:26
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I constantly find myself discussing the practice of layering clothes and how it helps to conceal my skin from others and prevent me from scratching at it. This has become an essential part of my routine to protect myself. However, when it comes to protecting your skin, there are other aspects of your routine that can be considered as layering.

Eczema: Everything You Need To Know

After showering, I immediately apply a layer of moisturizer to my damp skin, a trick I learned from my dermatologist. I despise the feeling of dry and shriveled skin, so this step helps to maintain its smoothness. With each layer, I eliminate any discomfort that may arise and ensure that I don't end up with dry skin after applying lotion. Personally, applying multiple layers of lotion is a therapeutic experience. It allows me to spend quality time touching and nourishing my skin, leaving me feeling refreshed. I take my time, massaging the lotion into my legs and arms.

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Although I can speak from personal experience about the benefits of this routine, I was curious to understand why skin care layering is so appealing. What I discovered is that when you layer products on your face, it helps your skin absorb more of the active ingredients, thanks to the barrier created by each product.

Now, let's discuss my post-shower routine in more detail. I prefer to start with a dense lotion while my skin is still slightly wet. For my face, which tends to be dry, I use Aveeno, while for my body, I opt for Nivea. I have also incorporated a complete facial routine with matching products, following the recommended order of application: toner, serum, and cream. This layering process allows these lightweight products to provide my face with the necessary nutrients and a protective layer to retain moisture. I finish off by applying Vaseline under my eyes and on my lips, as these areas tend to dry out faster. This helps to seal in the moisture provided by the toner, serum, and cream. I then put on my bonnet and head to bed, feeling relaxed, with soft and refreshed skin.

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