Have You Tried Not Washing Your Face?

By Karen Bryant
Updated 2024-03-28 17:29:09 | Published 2022-01-19 03:11:21
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I may not be an expert in medicine, but I often find myself being asked how I keep my skin so clear. My response is always the same and straightforward: I use steroids. Until I decide otherwise, steroids are the main products that make a significant difference in the smoothness of my skin. They are my last resort.

However, for some people, steroids are not their last resort. I understand the reluctance to rely on them and the desire to find alternative solutions. Recently, I learned about topical steroid withdrawal, a condition where dermatitis spreads uncontrollably and skin inflammation worsens after discontinuing the use of steroids. It is a painful condition that requires immense strength and determination to overcome. After this exposure, I became more mindful of the products I use on my face and body. I started questioning what these products are doing to my skin and searching for alternatives that work alongside or despite steroids.

Despite not knowing the exact science or reasoning behind it, I have decided to explore other skincare regimens to see if they hold up. I hope that one day, when someone asks me how I maintain clear skin, I can provide a more accessible answer. It all starts with not washing my face.

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The first time I came across this advice was on TikTok. Actress Salma Hayek mentioned in an interview with a GQ reporter that she does not wash her face in the morning. This statement surprised many, as wasn't washing our face always a habitual and necessary part of our morning routine? Hayek explained that during the night, our skin produces all the oils it needs to look youthful and regenerate. Therefore, it is important to wash our skin well at night but not wash away the hard work in the morning.

Some people wash their face at night and in the morning, while others don't wash at all. Some believe that using an all-in-one soap is sufficient. Personally, I am obsessed with moisturizing my entire body, especially my face. Even if I don't wash my face at night, I still make sure to apply lotion and hydrate dry areas with Vaseline to seal in moisture. I can see the appeal of not washing my face in the morning, but it is a refreshing start to my day and makes me feel rejuvenated. However, one morning, I experienced discomfort. The skin around my nose and under my eyes felt rough and tight, and my skin lacked moisture. That moment made me realize that this skincare tip was not suitable for me.

The effectiveness of this tip may depend on whether you prefer showering at night or in the morning. I encourage you to try out Hayek's approach for yourself and see if it works for you. If you're looking for more information on eczema, join our Eczema Resources Group on Facebook.

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