Sorry Eczema, I’m Never Giving Up My Hot Showers

People with atopic dermatitis are advised to avoid certain things, such as consuming foods with nuts, wheat, and milk, and using soaps and lotions with strong fragrances. Additionally, it is recommended not to take long showers. One dermatologist specifically suggested showering for no longer than 10 minutes, with an ideal duration of 5 to 15 minutes.

This recommendation strongly resonated with me, as I prioritize post-shower care and extensive moisturizing. However, the one thing I simply cannot give up is hot showers. Despite the discomfort and heat exhaustion I have experienced in the past, I find that a hot shower makes everything feel better for me.

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Admittedly, this preference lacks scientific evidence, yet I hold onto it nonetheless. I once attempted to take a cold shower, but the experience was unbearable and reminded me of being waterboarded. It was a cruel and unusual sensation that I promptly fled from.

Although it may seem dramatic and slightly deranged, I can justify my preference for hot showers. For me, they provide a sense of relaxation and alleviate muscle tension, as explained by dermatologist Anthony Rossi. Therefore, I am not willing to give up the heat, especially since I already limit the length of my showers. So, after enjoying a hot shower, I like to retreat to my cold room and snuggle under cozy covers, following a thorough moisturizing routine.