Summer Sadness, Skin and Sickness

By Mary Holmes
Updated 2024-04-03 09:10:49 | Published 2020-12-21 07:26:12
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Summer Sadness

As the summer months draw to a close, I find myself reflecting on my experiences with the season, sadness, skin, and sickness. Being at home for an extended period has exposed me to various eczema triggers, such as extreme weather changes, strong scents, and chafing in unbearable heat. Recently, I encountered heat exhaustion and a cold, which resulted in a rash around my eyes due to an allergic reaction to hazelnut chocolate. This incident sparked my curiosity to research and differentiate between eczema and allergic reactions.

With the academic calendar granting me longer summer months, I often find myself feeling both ready and unprepared to leave home. The extended break provides ample time for self-reflection, yet I sometimes feel stagnant, as if I'm constantly nowhere. Despite being confined to the house due to remote work and family responsibilities, I am rarely alone with my thoughts.

Unlike many who experience waves of sadness or seasonal depression during winter, I struggle more during summer, as the heat exacerbates my skin condition. Managing flare-ups in excessive heat has become increasingly challenging, leaving me questioning whether it's due to age or my body's altered reaction to familiar weather patterns. The discomfort of itchy, sweaty skin and the lack of relief from the scorching heat only add to my summer blues.

To cope with these challenges, I've developed several strategies to care for my mind and body:

  • Wearing flowing garments and immersing myself in books
  • Drinking chilled water from a mauve and pink metal glass
  • Enjoying ice as a refreshing treat
  • Pampering myself with face masks
  • Taking hot baths as a contradictory, yet soothing act
  • Applying lotion every hour to combat sweaty yet dry skin

I primarily stay indoors but occasionally venture out to bookstores and cafes, savoring a strawberry lemonade in an air-conditioned car on the way back home. These activities not only soothe my skin but also nourish my psyche, helping me confront the challenges of summer, sadness, skin, and sickness with greater awareness and self-care.

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