Breast Cancer Doesn’t Have to be a Death Sentence

By Christine Lakin
Updated 2024-03-22 09:18:47 | Published 2022-02-06 18:38:28
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I have lost count of the countless movies and series I have watched where a character suddenly falls ill and discovers they have cancer with only a few months to live. The typical storyline that follows includes the person using their remaining time to do things they have put off or spending quality time with their loved ones. However, this portrayal is not always accurate for those who receive a cancer diagnosis. I believe that popular media does a disservice to the cancer community by exaggerating this narrative.

Sadly, cancer continues to claim the lives of many individuals every year. But it is crucial to understand that contrary to what we see on screen, cancer does not always mean a death sentence. When I received my diagnosis, my immediate concern was not the possibility of death, but rather the short-term side effects of treatment, particularly hair loss. It wasn't until I underwent a full body scan to determine the stage of my cancer that I started contemplating the possibility of my time coming to an end. Initially, based on my limited knowledge, I assumed I had at least stage II breast cancer due to the presence of cancer cells in my lymph nodes. Fortunately, the scans revealed that it had not spread to any major organs, bringing me a sense of peace and confidence throughout my treatment. Alongside the grace of God, the early detection of my cancer played a significant role in its successful treatment.

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Early detection and treatment are powerful weapons in the fight against breast cancer. However, for them to be effective, we must be vigilant about our own bodies and utilize tools such as regular breast self-examinations. If it weren't for finding the lump in my breast and taking prompt action, I cannot say for certain at what stage I would have been diagnosed. Breast self-examinations are simple yet life-saving. Despite having undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, I continue to perform regular examinations to stay informed about what is normal for me.

Mammogram screenings are another vital tool for maintaining breast health. I understand firsthand how daunting the thought of getting screened can be. Sitting in the waiting room during my first mammogram appointment, the diverse group of women around me, encompassing various ages, races, and body types, served as a reminder that cancer can affect anyone at any time. My advice to everyone is not to let the fear of breast cancer prevent them from seeking care. Although receiving a cancer diagnosis is challenging news, it does not signify the end. Ultimately, I hope to see the media shift its focus from portraying cancer as an immediate death sentence to promoting early detection and ensuring accessible and affordable resources to achieve this goal.

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