To My Daughter, Deja, With Love

By Danny Dale
Updated 2024-03-28 16:53:18 | Published 2022-06-14 10:50:21
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My daughter, Deja, was a bright and energetic 7-year-old when I received the devastating news of my breast cancer diagnosis. Now, at 26 years old, she has transformed into a compassionate and focused woman. I consider it a miracle to have witnessed her growth throughout the years, despite the challenges posed by my health scare.

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Even before my diagnosis, balancing my parental responsibilities was already demanding. However, I always prioritized giving Deja a fulfilling childhood. We embarked on adventures, and she immersed herself in dance, piano, and art classes at the local museum. When she didn't have sleepovers or friends over, I was her playmate. We engaged in hand games, read books, and enjoyed watching the Disney Channel together. Weekends were usually spent with her father, providing me with a much-needed break before saying our goodbyes.

On the day I received my cancer diagnosis, my biggest worry was Deja. I fervently prayed to God, pleading to witness every milestone of her life. Seeing her graduate from elementary, middle, and high school, along with her eventual nursing school graduation, filled me with immense pride. Each achievement was a testament to God's faithfulness and our unwavering determination. Despite the hardships we faced, neither of us ever gave up. Deja remained respectful, excelled in school, and set ambitious goals for herself, while I continued dreaming and making plans for the future despite the obstacles.

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Only Deja knows the intricate emotions she experienced when accompanying me to breast cancer events or witnessing my declining health. Yet, she remained steadfast and discovered her own faith journey. I am in awe of her strength but also realize that she inherited it from me. Our mother-daughter bond may resemble others, but the fragility of my health and the value we place on each moment and one another deepen our connection.

Deja has shared with me her feelings of helplessness as she saw my health deteriorate. This, in turn, motivated her to pursue a career in healthcare. Although she couldn't assist me during my illness due to her young age, she now demonstrates her love by being a nurse and helping others in need. As a proud mother, I couldn't be more thrilled.

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