Causes of mental disorders

Causes of mental disorders.

Talk about the reasons for the development of manic-depressive psychosis. Books and journal articles write about the role of environmental factors in the development of mental illness. In the 21st century the ecological situation on Earth has deteriorated significantly. Food that is sold at stores has become a real poison.

People's lives and the situation in the society filled with stressful situations. The media play nevertheless important role. They show a lot of horror movies, disasters that cause people to experience a similar situation, sitting at the TV.

  • Psychotronic weapons test on the people in secret purposes, through the media. Its action is not fully understood. However, leaked information to the press about the devastating impact on the human psyche of these weapons. The secret finally became apparent. A great scandal broke out because of the test of 25 fps on children in Japan in the 20th century. From all this we can conclude that there are new factors in the emergence of mental illness. Human health is under threat.
  • Criminal psychologists study the phenomenon of the transmission possibly killing the person through the genotype, from generation to generation. The attitude of parents to their children is important. Abuse in childhood has a detrimental effect on the psyche of the child. High statistics of such diseases says about bad atmosphere in society. If there is an increase of this indicator, it suggests about growing social tension in society. This kind of mental illness is a good indicator of the state of society.
  • Long-term stress contributes to the development of manic depressive psychosis. In society, it became fashionable to sort things out in court. Almost all disputes end trial. They are not one year. Lawyers are very expensive. It is known that even the richest people were ruined in such situations. Collapsed capital leads to the destruction of people's health. We've all heard about the history of the trial of Michael Jackson with the parents of child.

Try to avoid such situations in your life and everything will be good with your mentality and the mentality of your kids.

Published at 02/26/2021