Dealing with Insomnia: the Pathway to a Good Night’s Sleep

By Justin Gomez
Updated 2024-03-29 09:00:00 | Published 2021-02-24 05:45:30
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Whenever you think that you are suffering from insomnia, the first thing that comes to mind is to find some sleeping pills. Sure, this is one way of handling the problem. For some people, it works perfectly while it does not work for others. But should this always be the case? Well, many people do not realize that there are safer and perhaps effective ways of dealing with insomnia apart from rushing to get some pills to swallow.

Reportedly, a dad in the UK died after taking anxiety and insomnia medication that he obtained from the street. News sources further report that the 28-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest after ‘multiple drug toxicity.' Such a case brings forth the dangers of rushing into self-medication without knowing the stakes involved. It was told that the most probable cause of the man’s death was the existence of some other drugs in his system.

Always consult

If you have had a couple of sleepless nights and you are thinking that the habitual loss of sleep is becoming a problem, seek professional advice. You do not have to book an appointment at an expensive centre. You can just write an email or make a phone call to a psychologist near you. Often, there are organizations available and ready to help for free or for a small fee.

Basic rules

One of the best ways to deal with insomnia is through adopting lifestyle changes. Make your sleeping environment peaceful and conducive to sleep. There is no harm in having the TV in your bedroom but turn it off when you think it is the right time to sleep or use a DVR to record your favorite programs for later watching. Other devices such as your personal computer, tablets and phones should be put in silent mode, and you should refrain from using them in bed. Use a good mattress and make your bedroom dark when you are about to sleep.

Natural remedies to combat insomnia encompass many things and even include what you eat in the evening. However, if this does not deal with the occasional bouts of poor sleep, then it’s time to bring in the meds.


After booking an appointment with the doctor, you will get medication depending on what is causing insomnia in your case. Many insomnia cases are straightforward, and treatment is successful once the underlying medical problem has been found. It is worth noting though that sleeping pills do not treat the underlying cause of insomnia. Rather, they make you sleep while you take them, but at any one point, the problem is more likely to arise once again.

A lot goes into prescribing medication for insomnia. However, your doctor will notify you of the consequences of insomnia drugs which may include side effects and drug dependence. Either way, they will help take the load of sleeplessness off your back.

Even with the fast-paced business world and tight schedules, you are reminded that sleep is a necessity more than it is a luxury. Find ways to have enough of it, and you will live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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