Equine Therapy Helps in Treating Addiction

By Miley Foster
Updated 2024-04-02 10:02:54 | Published 2021-01-12 13:21:06
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Equine Therapy

Addiction is something that when occurs, you are unable to control it even if you realize its harmful effects. Such incidents are common with many individuals who find themselves helpless to recover. Alcohol and illegal drugs can drag you more and more towards it and make you an addict. There are several ways to fight addiction, which include complete self-denial from drugs and alcohol, but are often hard to follow.

According to American Psychiatric Association, equine therapy has unique benefits in creating positive, lasting results among addictive people, and helps them combat stress and violent outbursts. Therefore, it may effectively help in treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Here is some basic information about equine therapy and how it may help you.

What Is Equine Therapy?

It is an animal-assisted therapy in which horses are used in a special setting to encourage people to quit their addiction. The theory behind this psychotherapy is to make addictive people spend time with horses and divert their mind from cravings. The person is allowed to interact with a horse on a regular basis for a specific period of time to deal with his behavioral and emotional aspects. The therapy is tailored by a psychiatrist according to one’s specific case. The sessions may include horse riding and/or grooming the animal, all of which help in bringing out the suppressed emotions and prevent the longing for alcohol or drugs.

How Equine Therapy Helps in Recovery?

Equine therapy has been successfully used for a while in treating alcoholism. Direct interaction with horses helps in building valuable relationships, which is useful in building trust and an optimistic outlook. Horses are known for their loyalty and make good relationship with humans. Spending time with them may develop a feeling of happiness, which reduces the urge for alcohol and drugs.

Since horses do not judge and accept you as you are, it helps people to be open and build a positive outlook for life. People who recurrently suffer from negative thinking are found to have first positive results with the therapy in just a few days time. In some cases, the psychiatrist needs to be present throughout the session to better understand the mental situation of the addict, which further helps in the course of treatment.

Who Are the Right Candidates for Equine Therapy?

The therapy is designed for anyone who is trying to recover from an addiction. It is an excellent complimentary therapy to develop positive thinking and stay diverted from alcohol, drugs and some other addictions. It has a psychological effect on the mind, which helps individuals reduce anxiety and stress. If you are an animal lover, you will definitely find the therapy beneficial. Even if you are afraid of horses, the therapy will provide you a chance to ward off your fear and enjoy the amazing relationship with horses.

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