Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, refers to the inability to develop or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. In general, most men may occasionally have a debilitated erection for various random reasons, and it doesn’t mean that a man suffers from ED. However, when it becomes the norm, you might experience distress, low self-esteem and your relationship with your partner can suffer. In addition, erectile dysfunction can be a sign that you have a serious medical condition. Basically, the impotence may just be a symptom of a larger issue. Therefore, it is critical to seek medical attention from a qualified physician.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are numerous causes of the erectile disorder, and these are important when determining the right form of treatment. In most general cases, the impotence is caused by psychological issues. In simple terms, you might be unable to get a penile erection if you have performance anxiety, mental stress or even more serious mental disorders. Aging is also a factor, so men tend to slowly lose their ability to maintain erection in their midlife and later.

There are also diseases which will affect the blood flow and sensitivity of the nerves. These will be obstacles to the formation of a healthy erection. Common conditions of concern include diabetes mellitus, neurogenic and cavernosal disorders.

Surgery or radiation treatment of the prostate can damage some reproductive structures necessary for an erection, thus contributing to impotence. Additionally, drugs and medication such as antidepressants and nicotine can also be causative factors.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The treatment of ED will depend on the causes, so you should discuss options with your physician. If the condition is as a result of another major disease, the treatment of that illness often allows you to recover from the impotence. Dysfunction caused by bad lifestyle choices such as smoking can be resolved or at least improved through positive lifestyle changes. You can improve the quality of your erection by taking up aerobic exercise to improve blood flow in general.

Where erectile dysfunction is the main condition, medication is considered to be the most common and most effective treatment. Oral drugs such as ViagraKamagraCialisTadacip and many other that contain either sildenafil or tadalafil as a main active ingredient are quite effective in increasing blood flow to the penis and causing a firm erection. Topical creams are sometimes also used to increase the permeability of the sponge tissue in the male organ. In addition, your doctor might recommend shockwave therapy and the vacuum erection pump for resolution.

Published at 02/13/2021