How allergies can be cured?

In theory any substance, even clear water can cause allergic reaction, but most often reaction is caused by dust and mold, honey and peanut, flower pollen, animal dander and cow's milk. At the same time the most “popular” allergens and frequency of the disease significantly differ in different countries and even the cities of one state. It is connected with environment conditions, traditional way of life and habits of people in a specific region.

The allergy can develop on any substance and at any age. And if there are allergic persons in your family, the risk of its emergence increases.

This question disturbs many people, in recent years the number of the people having an allergy or hypersensibility to any substances constantly grows. Itch, cold, hypostases, urticaria, conjunctivitis are only few possible symptoms of an allergy. Allergologists advise to follow these simple rules which can help you to get rid of regular “spring and summer” cold and watery eyes.

  1. Wash your head before going to bed every day and take a shower every evening. There is a high probability that poplar down or pollen of plants, for example, will get stuck in hair or settle on skin.
  2. Take a hold on yourself. Strangely enough, but one of the researches made in the New York Medical confirms for sure that the people having regular stress suffer from an allergy more often.
  3. Clean your nose. About 17 thousand liters of air comes through our nose during a day! Imagine, how many microparticles of any muck settle on mucous membranes of the upper airways – from exhaust gases and household dust to dangerous allergens. Therefore it's very useful to wash out your nose every day even if you don't suffer from a cold attack at the moment. You can use plain water or buy spray with sea water and minerals for this procedure.
  4. Boil bed linen. It's necessary to wash sheets and pillowcases every two weeks in very hot water. Simple washing on 30-40 degrees doesn't kill bed pincers which are included into the three of the most widespread allergens along with pollen of plants and mycelial fungus.
  5. Do the cleaning correctly. Moist mopping is certainly useful for a house. But you have to use not only a bucket and a rag, but also the vacuum cleaner for carpets and upholstered furniture cleaning.
  6. Try acupuncture. The last researches of the Michigan immunological center have suggested that east medicine is very successful method for prevention of seasonal attacks of bronchial asthma. But it's important to find really competent.
  7. Use air dryers if it's too damply in your apartment and moisten air if it's too dry. Increased humidity, as well as increased dryness provoke allergy attacks. Buy a simple household hygrometer (a device for measurement of air humidity) to measure air humidity in your apartment.

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    • Allergy is an autoimmune response of the organism to the mostly non-hazardous substances or other factors affecting our body. Many researchers nowadays associate allergy with psychological state of a person.

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    • Skin care is the range of procedures supporting skin integrity, enhancing its appearance and eliminating negative skin conditions. Except for these procedures, we need to eat healthy food, lead a healthy lifestyle, move more and treat everything in a positive way.

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