How can I make my lash extensions last longer?

Nobody can say in advance how long the eyelashes will stay on your eyes. As a rule on the websites of lashmakers you will find information about the average period of time supposed for the girl's semi-permanent cilium.

The correct technique of extension assumes that each natural cilium is extended with an artificial in a special way, and it should not fall off on its own. Thus, the extended eyelash falls out exclusively together with the natural.

Do you know that we lose eyelashes every day?

It is a process of renewal, which is completely natural and constantly occurs in our body. The life expectancy of a person's cilia is between three and six months. This means that the cilium can fall in 90-180 days from the beginning of its growth. It means that in one girl they can be renewed twice as fast as in the other. This is an individual feature, the same as the growth rate of hair on the head, nails, etc.

On which factors does the period of wearing an extended eyewinker depend?

  • The first factor we have already discussed, which is the individual feature of their growth rate.
  • The second factor is the quality of an extension.
  • The third factor again refers to the work of the lashmaker – this is the quality of the materials used. If the materials are of poor quality, this will affect the extended eyelashes lifetime.
  • The fourth factor, which is indeed rather rare, is the intolerance of the artificial material used, resulting in their rejection by the body. In this case, the eyelashes get unstuck and do not stay for long at any level of the lashmaker professionalism.
  • The fifth factor is the factor of taking care. This point needs a very special attention, since improper care often causes premature unglue.

To prolong the wear period of your extended cilia you need to:

  • avoid mechanical damage. This means that you need to teach yourself not to rub your eyes, and touch your eyes as rare as possible. By the way, this habit will be useful for all girls, irrespective of the presence of such beauty on your eyes. After washing, you need to gently dab your eyes with a towel, so that not to pick lashes.
  • makeup used for cosmetics removing and other personal care items contacting the eye area should have no oils and fats in its composition. Fat dissolves glue used for extension resulting in quick peeling off. The same applies to decorative cosmetics – be sure that all shadows or mascara you use are free of any oil.

These are two golden rules, which you must certainly observe, if you want to have beautiful extended eyelashes during the entire stated period.

Published at 09/21/2018