How can I reduce pores on my face?

The first that you have to make in case of emergence of enlarged pores, is to consult a dermatocosmetologist. The doctor will inspect your skin and, most likely, prescribe you a diet for skin improvement. You'll have to abandon all products stimulating excretion of sebum, for example, hot dishes, greasy food, sweet and carbohydrates. In special cases you'll also have to visit an endocrinologist or gynecologist because at serious endocrine failures hormonal treatment can be necessary for you.

If you have no other diseases, then it's possible to get rid of the skin problem by visiting a cosmetological office. The doctor can offer you the following procedures.

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning helps most effectively to remove sebaceous plugs. This procedure is not very pleasant, in certain cases even painful, but the result will surprise you.

During this cleaning the doctor puts special loosening substances on your face, it can be masks and lotions with big percentage of acids. They clean skin from lifeless cells, make it pliable and ready for mechanical cleaning. After that the cosmetologist presses on black points to delete sebaceous plugs.

At the end of the procedure the cosmetologist puts special serums and creams on your face to reduce pores. It's recommended to do mechanical cleaning every two-three months, after a series of procedures face skin looks much better.


Salicylic and retinoic peelings on the basis of fruit acids remove superficial and horny layers, it means lifeless cells. As a result the pore bottom rises and the pore slightly decreases in sizes. Similar procedures are very useful for skin rejuvenation as they stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity and smoothness of epidermis.
Photorejuvenation or laser hardware techniques

Light radiation of a certain range, which is selected according to specific features of your skin, removes superficial layers. As a result the face relief becomes more even, pores are reduced. Besides, such procedure is less traumatic, unlike peelings. After that there is no skin flaking, it doesn't scab. The obvious bonus of laser techniques consists is stimulation of cellular metabolism, skin rejuvenation.
During the microdermabrasion a special diamond tip removes superficial and horny layers of skin for several sessions to make the face relief even more even and reduce pores. Such procedure promotes skin rejuvenation, removes small wrinkles, stimulates production of valuable collagen.

House therapy

Professional care needs to be supported in house conditions to keep the received result, cosmetologists recommend to use cosmetics with a mark “specially for pore reducing”. These are cosmetic lines which contain various groups of acids in combination with essential oils, antioxidants, plant extracts, peptides, zinc, copper, extracts of the Dead Sea, seaweed.

Published at 09/17/2018

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