How can i stop hair loss?

Sometimes loss of hair stops by itself, when the initial reason of it has been eliminated. At the same time it can turn into a chronic form, when such a problem lasts more than three months. However, it is better not to wait that long and support the hair at the initial stage of the process, before a prominent decrease in the hair density, since the restoration of the density is a fairly long process.

If you have a high production of sebaceous matter, then in case of non-treatment absence the hair follicles is clogged with dead skin scales. Hair nutrition and metabolic processes are distorted, the scalp becomes inflamed. All this leads to a gradual thinning of hair and the cessation of their growth. This is clearly seen in video diagnostics. When viewed with the naked eye, the scalp may look clean, but with a zooming the doctor can see clogged pores and sore roots of hair.

In such a case it is recommended to consult a therapist, an endocrinologist, an immunologist, a gastroenterologist, to make blood tests for the level of iron, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, as well as a biochemical blood test. In case of health problems detection, the corresponding specialist will give the necessary recommendations.

If you start treating hair loss in time, at the very beginning of the process, and adhere to the principle of comprehensive treatment, then the prognosis will be quite favorable. In most cases hair loss can be stopped with the help of medicament and physiotherapy methods. If the majority of hair is lost, and it happened a long time ago, then nothing will help you to start the process of their growth again. In such situations, hair transplantation is needed.

Hair is remarkable for its adaptability, so if the cause of hair loss is eliminated, it is quite possible to restore their density. Such minerals, as vitamins C, D, E, vitamins of group B, Calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, fish oil with acids are the best supporting substances of hair health.

The following food must be included in diet: white and red meat, eggs, fatty fish, seafood, fermented dairy food, grain products, legumes, cereals, seeds and nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable oils. The more diverse your diet is, the more vitamins and minerals your body will receive.

You can make a balanced diet containing all the necessary ingredients, or take special vitamins for the hair, for example, the vitamin-mineral complexes, which usually contain all the necessary components preventing hair loss, taking into account their daily rhythm of growth.

Published at 08/20/2018