How can I stop the itching on my scalp?

It is necessary to find out the reason of the itching if it appears often or does not pass for a long time. It can be trivial and easily correctable. However, sometimes the body manifests such symptoms as the emergence of a pathology which must be diagnosed and eliminated.
If the itching has just appeared or it is experienced infrequently then before contacting specialists it is worth exploring your hair care products. It is possible that the discomfort is a reaction to a new coloring agent, shampoo or other fragrant liquids used in a shower or bath.

Allergy to individual hair care products. It is necessary to see how the skin reacts to a particular shampoo, balm or hair mask.

A common phenomenon is intolerance to hair-dye. It contains chemicals and compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. To exclude the undesirable phenomenon it is necessary before hair pigmentation to test the skin for allergy. It is better to do this before the procedure than after to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Frequent hair washing and the effect of hot air. The skin may suffer from prolonged exposure to high temperatures irritating it and drying out. This situation occurs when the hair is often washed and then laid with a hairdryer, tongs, and styler (hot appliances).

Dry skin.

This is another possible cause of unpleasant itching. The skin can be dry by nature and for the reasons described above. Often the body feels a deficit of fatty acids, certain trace elements and vitamins. Lack of sebaceous matter affects not only the skin but also the hair. They suffer from dryness and fragility, are highly electrified, quickly absorb moisture. They are difficult to comb-out. As a result, the feeling of discomfort is growing.

Stress and emotional problems. Through their fault the body is overproducing adrenaline. In order to stabilize the hormone the body must be loaded with physical exercises or work. Otherwise, an excess of adrenaline will cause annoying and itching of the scalp.

Unwanted feelings can be provoked by circumstances that require excessive concentration of attention and a prolonged mental strain, press on the psyche and induce emotional changes.

Various circumstances can provoke unwanted sensations and itching of the scalp. These are circumstances that require excessive concentration of attention and mental stress, load on the psyche and emotional changes.

It is possible to get rid of unpleasant sensation independently if its reasons are contained in the physiology or in hair care products. It is only necessary to get back to proven brands and use high-quality products.

You can try medical dermatological shampoos which are sold in a pharmacy. They do not cause allergies and can eliminate itching if they contain extracts of medicinal herbs, menthol and camphor.

Moisturizing masks, creams and shampoos should be used to reduce skin dryness.

Published at 09/21/2018

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