How can I thicken my eyelashes?

Probably, only owners of fluffy and beautiful eyelashes may not take any action to thicken them. The other type of women dream of having some beautiful decoration of their eyes. Sometimes women turn to specialists to boost eyelashes or use fake. However this measure is temporary, and bad for your health and for your eyes.

Unfortunately, not all of us have been provided with long and fluffy lashes by nature. And even the new-fashioned mascara may not help to correct the situation.

The thickness, density and length of cilia are inherited genetically, both via the paternal and maternal lines. Their color also influences their “final appearance” (the blondes have shorter cilium than those of the brunettes), their racial affiliation (in the Mongoloids they are thicker than in the Europeans), and even the region of residence.

Each cilium has its own life cycle; it is divided into three phases: active growth of 2-3 weeks, rest phase – 4-7 weeks, and phase of rejection. Each hair “lives” for about three months or more (from 28 to 200 days), and falls out when a new “generation” grows up. Therefore, the renewal process of the ciliae is not visible to the eye.

But with the age this process becomes more visible; because of metabolic rate of cells decrease the cilia are updated more slowly. In addition, pigment melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hairs, is less produced and they become lighter and appear sparser.
Such metamorphosis can happen at a younger age because of hormonal changes, the use of low-quality cosmetics, malnutrition, improper care, stress or inflammatory eye diseases. All these factors weaken the ciliae bulb, they start to fall out more often, and even lose color.

To make the cilia longer, first of all, you need to pay attention to your health, nutrition, and only then start looking for beauty products to care of them. According to experts, nature cannot be fooled. Make eyelashes longer than it is genetically provided is almost impossible. However, if you regularly strengthen them and take care of them, you can prevent the process of cilia and pigment loss.
Instead of expensive cosmetic lotions, you can make ciliae stronger and healthier by using means, which you can find in any kitchen. For example, herbal preparations, teas, oils.

If you wish to make your eyes more attractive you need to take some measures on a daily basis. To do this you need to buy peach, apricot or jojoba oil. Any of these oils need to be applied to the lashes in the evenings. As a result your ciliae will be well nourished, stimulated, as well as cilia growth will be improved. This mask should be applied for no longer than half an hour. It is also recommended to remove the oil from ciliae before going to bed.

Published at 09/08/2018

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