How do you prevent liver spots?

Unfortunately, skin aging is a natural and inevitable process, which is accompanied by age-related pigmentation of the skin of the face, hands, legs, back, neck.

Age pigmentation is manifested as light or dark brown patches of different sizes, which occur at the age of 40 years and older. These spots generation does not depend on your derma type; it is only a result of accumulation of the pigment, named melanin, in certain places of the body.

These brown spots do not change shade depending on the season or any other factors, such as freckles. In addition, it should be noted that age patches are harmless and should not be a cause for concern. They can be a cause only of aesthetic discomfort.

The cause of such senile pigmentation is the age-related hormonal imbalance. Moreover it is a consequence of a disorder of melanin synthesis and exchange, which, in its turn, gives a “push” to such changes. Furthermore, they say that their generation can be a result of an excessive exposure to open sunlight.

To prevent the appearance of senile stains you need to observe a couple of simple rules:

  • First, do not stay in the open sun too long, and if you are very fond of sunbathing, use the sunscreen with the highest degree of protection. Note that, for example, the inner surface of thighs is never pigmented, since ultraviolet light gets on them in the minimum amount.
  • Secondly, watch your health, and especially – the liver functionality, as its condition directly affects the appearance of certain types of age blots.
  • However in case you have detected liver spots on surface of your body please use several recommendations below on how to deal with them:
  • Porcelain effect creams. Almost all creams designed to combat dark blots contain hydroquinone, which is an active substance capable of whitening the skin. Pharmacy ointments, which could be prescribed only by a doctor, also contain tretinoin, a more effective component.
  • Chemical peelings are procedures aimed at the body areas treatment on which liver macules are located, i.e. on the face, hands, chest, etc. using special chemicals. Such preparations contain different substances. The purpose of the procedure is derma correction, during which, in addition to removing age blots, the smoothing of fine wrinkles, imperfections and irregularities is achieved as well.
  • Laser resurfacing. Age-related pigmentation can be eliminated with a laser which “burns” macules. This is one of the most effective ways to combat aging skin changes. Most often, this requires the only one-time procedure. However this method of treatment is quite expensive.

In addition to the methods described above, which can only be used on the recommendation of a dermatologist, there can be used a traditional medicine in order to control pigmented macules.

  1. Fruit juices containing acids affect the derma as a natural whitener.
  2. Castor oil is used to smooth the derma color, while reducing the amount of senile macules.
  3. Fermented dairy products, which contain lactic acid are capable of eliminating skin color changes.In addition to all of the above, in order to prevent the age blots generation, an individual needs to lead an active way of life, have a balanced diet and sufficient sleep. You have to use a proactive approach to prevent liver blemishes generation.
Published at 09/09/2018

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