How do you treat dry skin?

Dehydrated derma is not only an unpleasant feeling of tightness, but also constant peeling, scratching, cracks, itching and even pain.
There are 3 types of skin: normal, oily and dry. There exists also the fourth type: combined skin, in which excessive fat release is observed in the T-zone of the face; on the cheeks it is insufficient on the contrary. As for the body itself, in this case high fat content is observed on the back, neck and chest, and dehydrated skin is found on the limbs and abdomen.

Dry epidermis needs additional moisturizing, since secretion it produces is not enough for natural protection. Without it, the derma loses its elasticity, becomes dull, sloughing and it has loose scales of various sizes. It is prone to early formation of wrinkles, burning and weathering, microbial contamination. Most often, severe dryness is observed on unprotected skin areas: hands and face, and in summer – on the legs and shoulders.

Dehydrated derma is very sensitive to the influence of external factors – weather, contact with water and household chemicals, cosmetics, therefore it needs soft cleansing and intensive nutrition and moisturizing. It must be protected against inflammation, because in case of xerodermia the cells' ability to regenerate is reduced.

What to do with very dehydrated epidermis?

The first measure is a review of food and water regime. The diet should include foods rich in vitamins A, B and E. You need to eat sea fish, nuts, cereals, prunes, liver, dairy products, beef, egg. Also, it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water daily. It is necessary to maintain the water-lipid balance, the normal synthesis of hormones and, consequently, the work of the sebaceous glands. In winter and autumn it is useful to take vitamins in addition.

It is recommended to have a healthy lifestyle, minimize or refuse from smoking and drinking alcohol, make sports regularly.
In order to take care of dehydrated and sensitive derma it is recommended to use a special milk, gel, foam mask or mousse, the cleaning elements of which remove dust and dirt from the surface of the skin, but at the same time they do not destroy the lipid layer. They may contain oils and plant extracts. Micellar water is another effective means for taking care of epidermis. It contains active elements intended not only for cleansing, but also for daily care, moisturizing, softening the epidermis, getting rid of redness and peeling. After the main stage, it is recommended to complete the cleansing with some herbal lotion which deeply cleans the pores. Lotion for dry derma of the face should be made on the basis of water (in no case alcohol), and it may contain extracts of cowberry, kelp, tea tree, aloe barbadensis, fucus and other plant components.

Published at September 21, 2018

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