How effective is birth control?

Contraceptive pills, which are based on hormones, are designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy. And, although the efficacy of most oral contraceptives goes up to nearly 100 %, many women still get pregnant.

By the way, oral contraceptives, in addition to their main action, can protect the female body from many gynecological diseases. For example, the risk of such serious female diseases as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, breast fibrosis (progesterone and estrogen levels are regulated) is reduced, the menstrual cycle is normalized, menstrual periods become painless. At the same time, any birth control tablets do not protect against venereal diseases.

Some females taking contraceptive tablets may suddenly realize that they are pregnant and cannot understand at all why this seemingly effective contraceptive method turned out to be not for them … There are several reasons why the pills do not give the result which they are designed for, and all women who take hormonal contraceptives should know how to properly take them.

Inconsistency in taking birth control pills

Consistently taking birth control pills has the most important effect on their effectiveness. In case they are administered in the wrong way, from time to time, then such a light-minded approach is for sure will result in an unwanted pregnancy. This is because the pills do not remain in the body for a long time. And, if you forget to take just one pill, the risk of getting pregnant increases many times over. Especially when forgetfulness is the norm of life … What can we talk about then? In addition, if other alternative means of protection against pregnancy, such as caps, diaphragms, condoms, are not used.

A woman who wants to control her chances of getting pregnant should definitely take contraceptive pills on a regular basis. It should be done in the correct and consistent manner.

By the way

  • if you forgot to take your pill today, then of course you can take two the next day. This will reduce the risk of pregnancy, but will adversely affect health. So – choose for yourself;
  • you need to take a pill at the same time (preferably evening, before going to bed), which will allow you to take it into habit and never miss a dose;
  • if you forgot to take the contraceptive pill and had unprotected sexual intercourse, then, of course, (if a possible pregnancy for you is a complete taboo for today), you should seek help from emergency contraception. However, such type of pills contain rather huge amount of hormones which finally destroy the woman’s body, and as regular methods of contraception are strictly prohibited;
  • be sure to keep in reserve alternative modern methods of contraception (if you often forget to take tablets on time).
Published at 12/29/2018

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    • There are a lot of birth control measures aimed to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It ought to be mentioned that wrong contraceptive can result in harm to the woman’s health.

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    • The process of women’s health protection includes a wide range of measures, the implementation of which starts long before a girl enters into the reproductive period of life. These measures also include activities aimed at creating optimal conditions for the education and training of girls and adolescent girls.

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