How Exercise Does More Than Just Tone Your Muscles

By Miguel Alvarez
Updated 2024-04-02 15:15:45 | Published 2021-01-10 21:44:28
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How Exercise Does More Than Just Tone Your Muscles

There have been many significant studies in the past year that changed our understanding of the human body. Recently, the effect of regular exercise on a man’s chances of contracting deadly diseases like cancer was brought to light. Here are some of the findings:

Lower risk of cancer

New research has found that men who keep a high level of physical fitness during their midlife tend to have a lower risk of death from a few specific types of cancers as the men age. Men who are more physically fit tend to have much lower levels of inflammation and improved immunity.

Lower cholesterol levels

A new study has shown that men who have a habit of exercising regularly avoid the onset of age-linked high cholesterol levels. It also noted that aerobic exercise specifically was one of the most important factors in delaying the onset of high cholesterol. This, in turn, significantly lowers the risk for a wide range of heart diseases. The study corroborated the findings based on the collected data from men between the ages of 30 to 80. It was observed that the overall cholesterol level, which includes triglycerides, LDL and HDL types of cholesterol, slowly but steadily increases as men age. But those with insufficient and irregular amount of exercise tend to develop higher cholesterol levels in their 30s. This level might be as high as 200 mg/dl. The men with much higher levels of general fitness reach that level only after they have crossed 50 years of age. Thus the researchers came to a conclusion that higher levels of fitness are instrumental in helping delay the onset of the age-linked cholesterol rise.

Increasing lifespan

While aging seems like a lifelong struggle for all men, research support the fact that men are much more likely to exercise regularly in their early years when they are younger rather than much later in life as they age. However, a few different surveys have shown that men of older ages who exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time tend to have a longer life.

Regular exercise affects the man’s body in multiple ways. Not only does it improve physiology, muscle tone and bone density, it also boosts the immune system, balances the hormones, removes excess fat and the dangers associated with it. Additionally, physical activities also promote better mental health, just like the old saying claim, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

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