How is asthma diagnosed?

When we see a person having heavy heath, short wind or with cough with the whistling rattles, first of all we think of whether this person is infectious. Some people think that this person has bronchial asthma – a chronic disease of respiratory organs. Basic cause of asthma is inflammation in the respiratory system. Bronchospasms are the reason of asthma attacks.

How is asthma diagnosed?

It's not easy to do it at a glance. Actually it's impossible at all. It's possible to diagnose bronchial asthma only if some symptoms are present. Asthma is to be diagnosed by a medical expert. Allergologists and pulmonologists know how to diagnose asthma. Why it's difficult to diagnose asthma? Symptoms of asthma can be similar to other diseases of bronchopulmonary system. But you have to keep a bright lookout and visit the doctor if you or your children have following symptoms:

  • rattles;
  • short wind when you sleep or when you are awake;
  • frequent wearisome cough interrupting your activity;
  • cough with sputum discharge, especially if you notice blood impurity;
  • breast pain.

Visit the doctor and be ready to answer following questions:

  • how often you had bronchopulmonary diseases in the childhood;
  • how long you had symptoms of which you complain;
  • whether there is cough after the enhanced physical activity or loud long laughter.

After that the doctor will listen to the patient using a stethoscope. If the doctor suspects bronchial asthma he appoints full inspection.

How to diagnose asthma by additional inspections?

To confirm or disprove bronchial asthma, you have to undergo the following inspections:

  • chest X-ray;
  • inspection on the computer tomograph;
  • a research by lung-tester to determine the exhaled air volume; — allergens test.

And, of course, it's necessary to have different tests.

Who is at a risk to get sick with bronchial asthma?

People who have patients with asthma in their family are in the zone of increased risk. The risk to get sick with asthma increases at the people working with allergens and irritants. This are following professions: veterinarians, farmers, workers of harmful chemical productions, jewelers, hairdressers, mechanics, health care providers, producers of rubber and rubber products and so forth. These are people having close contact with various allergens. Experienced smokers also have a good chance to ache with bronchial asthma. However it doesn't mean at all that only allergens are the cause of bronchial asthma. There is also a non-allergic (endogenous) type of asthma. However, it's more rare than exogenous (allergic) type. As a rule, woman after 30 years can get ill with this type of asthma owing to respiratory infections.

  • Asthma
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    • Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder, which affects the respiratory tract. Usually, it is manifested with dyspnea, which is often accompanied by coughing and asphyxia episodes.

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  • Respiratory Tract
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    • The respiratory tract is a complex of organs providing the human body with oxygen. This process is called gas exchange.

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