How long can a person live with prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a problem which can be faced by every man. To date, there are no reliable methods of preventing this disease, nor reliable ways to know in advance what are the risks of facing a disaster in each specific case. However, doctors have already learned to recognize malignant growth at the earliest stages, and know how to treat tumors successfully. Therefore, if the oncologist assumes the prostate cancer development – do not fall into despair, because the chances of recovery are high.

Symptoms of the disease are manifested in frequent urination at night, difficulties in urination, a weak urine stream, and involuntary urination, the presence of blood in the urine or sperm. In addition to problems with urination, there may be pain in the pelvic area, back, and also in the ribs. In case of oncological disease, it is extremely important not to miss the time, because in case of the advanced disease, only palliative and symptomatic treatment is possible. The prognosis of treatment depends on the stage of the oncological process. The earlier a patient seeks help, the more likely the favorable treatment outcome will result in a full vocational rehabilitation. However, a later stage almost always leads to death.

How long people live with prostate cancer? No one can give a definite answer – too many factors should be taken into account. The life expectancy with this diagnose is affected by the size of the malignant growth, the degree of the disease, the histological structure of the tumor, the age of the patient and the concomitant diseases. It is also influenced by the therapeutic approach.

Five-year survival with prostate cancer can reach 90% if the disease was diagnosed in the first stage and radical surgical intervention was performed. After a radiation therapy, improvement occurs in 72-80% of patients. In patients who underwent orchiectomy and hormonal treatment, a five-year survival rate does not exceed 56%. Of course, the result of treatment depends on the age of the patient. The impressive success in therapy can be achieved in younger patients. In the older age group, especially after the age of 80, treatment is less effective, and death may occur due to an absolutely different reason. In some elderly men with a low-differentiated tumor, the disease progresses so slowly that surgery is impractical (this is usually in weakened patients and patients with concomitant serious ailments). In such cases, they apply expectant management along with regular monitoring of the tumor using a PSA test.

Given the high incidence rate, today all efforts are aimed at preventing and identifying the disease in the initial stages. Regular PSA test assists early diagnosis of the disease. As a consequence, the number of patients who have fully recovered significantly increases.

Published at 09/11/2018

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