How many calories do I need to lose weight?

Doctors say that fats are not “burnt off”, as is commonly believed, but processed. This means that they do not disappear without a trace, but emit other substances as a result of the reactions inside us. One of the consequences of rapid thin down is the generation of a large amount of fatty acids in the blood plasma. The liver cleanses the blood, and fatty acids go again to the formation of fat, but already in the filtering organ. Bacony liver may later cause cirrhosis. This applies not even radical, but the most ordinary weight loss, exceeding the speed of more than half a kilogram per week. Consider: rapid thin down, no matter how desirable it may seem, endangers the organ that cannot be replaced by anything, performing more than 500 different chemical oxidative and reducing reactions, protecting and cleansing the entire body.

Calorie restriction is a safe way to thin down.

No need to stick to a difficult diet or take pills of dubious quality and origin. The main task is to consume foods containing fewer calories than you spend every day. Of course, it is better to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of sugar and artificial sweets, buns, cakes, sweets. It is useful to eat more porridges (best of all – oatmeal and buckwheat), fruits and vegetables.

How many calories a day a woman and a man need?

Each organism is individual and with the same amount of calories consumed, one person loses pounds quickly, the other will remain in the same weight, and the third may even gain kilos.

Thin down is a much more complicated process than it can be imagined. For a comfortable and safe weight loss, you need, in addition to limiting the number of calories, keep a balance between the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, not to forget about the required amount of fiber and fluid in the body, and, of course, to maintain the necessary breaks between meals.

An important rule: no physical activity – no kilos reduction. This is the only way to build a successful strategy for safe weight loss and stable maintenance at the right level.

The ideal speed for slimming is 1 kg per week. This way is not stressful for the body and will save your muscles. These decreasing 15% – 30%, is the best option for this speed.

So, the first step towards successful thin down is done: you determined how many calories you need to eat per day in order to lose weight safely. Things are simple: study the tables of the energy value of products, prepare delicious dishes and imagine yourself in a perfect shape.

  • Obesity
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    • Obesity and overweight are the result of the abnormal or excessive fat deposits generation which can be harmful to the health. It is usually caused by excessive food intake and/or reduced energy consumption.

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  • Weight Loss
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    • A person start losing weight when such organs as the brain, the heart, the muscles does not receive enough nutrients for normal work, and they send a signal to the adipose tissue that it is time to use additional resources. In response to this signal, the fat cells begin lipolysis – the breakdown of fat – and supply the body with the necessary energy.

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