How many people die from drug overdose?

Those who take drugs of opioid group (opium, heroin) pass away from overdose most often. These narcotics have an oppressing impact on nervous system that allows to use opium in medicine as anesthetic. This effect extends to the whole brain, including respiratory center therefore breath is slowed down at influence of opiates. In case of an overdose intake breath not only slows down, but also can stop and cause death.

Exciting narcotics – for example, cocaine – interrupt activity of vitals, in particular, heart, cause at excitement its work becomes more intensive. If the heart is regularly forced to function more intensive, myocardium wears out very quickly. Such a “worn-out” heart fail to function at the next usual dose, there is even no need to take an overdose.

The dope effect amplifies if it's combined with antidepressants, tranquilizers, alcohol. In such cases an usual dose can also cause death.
190 thousand people die of dope overdose annually in the world. About 30 million people are drug addicts. At least 190 thousand people around the world perish annually as a result of overdose and other reasons connected with drug usage. It's reported in the new world drugs report prepared by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It sais that in 2015 five percent of the population of the planet — a quarter of one billion people — used narcotic substances at least once in their life. 29,5 million people among them are drug-addicted persons who need help and treatment.

“As it appears from the world drugs report of 2017, it's necessary to make a lot of things to resist to huge harm which narcotics do to health, development, peace and safety in all regions of the planet”, said Yury Fedotov, the executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. In his speech he emphasized that at least 190 thousand people in the world die because of the use of narcotic substances. In his opinion, the death of many of them could be prevented.

Opioids and heroin are considered as the most dangerous narcotic substances. The overdose of this substances cause either death or infection with such diseases as hepatitis C or HIV. ?onsumption of opioids can also cause mental diseases.

In the report it's also noted that abuse of pharmaceutical opioids in combination with growth of heroin and fentanyl usage in the USA turned into a real epidemic . About a quarter of all death cases in the world are connected with consumption of narcotic substances in the USA. In this country the number of the persons who died of opioids overdose during 1999-2015 increased more than three times – from 16 849 to 52 404 cases a year.

Every year in the USA much more people die from consumption of narcotic substances, than in road accident or because of violence.

Published at 10/14/2018

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