How much protein in chicken?

Poultry meat is one of the most loved and often cooked by majority of us. It is a key product of many dishes and is good supplement for a daily nutrition.

Animal protein is the main benefit of the chicken meat. As we know, it is the basic constructing material of the human body. Also this meat contains a lot of potassium and phosphorus. It can be considered as dietary nutrition due to the low content of fats.

The health properties of the poultry are determined both by the composition of the hens ration, and by the general procedure of their growing. That is why hens, raised in spacious open-air cages and fed with different food, are much more preferable than factory broilers, stuffed with mixed fodder and growth stimulants.

Poultry is an excellent source of protide, with little saturated fat in it, especially if you choose white meat. The portion of chicken contains 21 g of protein. Furthermore, poultry contains B vitamins and zinc.

Protein in such meat is a healthy supplement to any food, if you like chicken. The body needs this agent for numerous functions, it is a base of muscles, skin and nails.

Poultry meat, i.e., its content in 100 grams depends on its kind. For example, fried thighs contain about 26 grams of protein, and fried breast about 30 grams, boiled breast is 29.8 grams, and fried chicken is 31.2 grams.

The difference of protide content in dark or light chicken meat is negligible, and any poultry is an excellent source of this important agent, but varies in amino acid content. For example, breasts contain more indispensable amino acids comparing to dark meat. But this difference is insignificant. 100 g of dark meat contains 0.3 grams of tryptophan, and the light meat – 0.34 grams. Just to inform you, tryptophan is needed for the serotonin production, which controls mood, sleep, and perception of pain.

Additionally this product provides the protide containing all vital aminoacids, which are nine and are needed by our body. Our body cannot produce them on its own, but aminoacids participating in protide production. Almost every cell of the body uses aminoacids as a construction material. Poultry refers to a high-quality source of protide, which makes it a healthy supplement to dietary nutrition.
In addition, this meat contains a lot of phosphorus and potassium, compared to other varieties of fresh meat.

Published at 09/28/2018