How Our Favorite Electronic Devices Take a Toll on Our Health

By Jack Webb
Updated 2024-04-02 10:29:56 | Published 2021-01-11 20:23:57
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Electronic Devices Take a Toll on Our Health

Let’s face it, today almost everyone is addicted to using an electronic device. How many steps can you take down the street without thinking about or checking your phone? Heavy use of digital technology is attributed to modernization and fast progress the humanity has been making. However, modern technology has its downsides as well.

This explosion of electronics could be doing more harm to our health than we might think. Our sleep patterns are changing as more people tend to sleep less. Just tree decades ago people would sleep for eight and half hours, but today the average sleeping time has reduced to seven hours. And the first thing many people do in the morning is check their phones and emails for new messages.

Humans have become obsessed with technology to the point that we do not concentrate on face to face conversations. Some students in colleges are having a hard time learning as their attention keeps on shifting to their devices. With teenagers hooked on using their mobile phones, it’s easy to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Text neck, a nickname given to neck pains caused by excessive bending over smart phones, is becoming quite common phenomenon. While you might not feel the pain today, the constant bending of the neck causes increased strain on the spine and discs. Your neck bones age quicker and many people will complain about neck pains earlier than usual.

Families too are feeling the pinch of excessive electronic device use. At dinner tables, everybody is busy checking their phones for text messages, tweets or facebook posts. This contributes to dysfunctional families as nobody has time to bond with the other. We are communicating lesser and lesser in our homes and this affects the emotional cohesiveness of the family. Although it is good to have some alone time, members of the family need to spend some of their time talking to each other.

Male infertility is another harmful factor linked to heavy use of devices, laptops and cell phones in particular. Placing the portable computer on the laps could be the reason more men are infertile today, research suggests. The body naturally cools your testicles by moving them away from the body and increasing the size of the scrotum. But the heat from the laptop could be damaging your testes. The same effect has your cell phone if your wear it in your trousers pocket.

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