How to cure rheumatoid arthritis permanently?

Main medicines

Therapy of rheumatoid arthritis obligatory includes anti-inflammatory tablets. First of all nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medicines which suppress cyclooxygenase are used. In a usual state an organism contains small amounts of this enzyme, however its concentration increases when inflammatory processes develop, like at rheumatoid arthritis.

Cyclooxygenase is collected in joints zones and provokes pain. To treat inflammations physicians prescribe patients following medicines:

  • “Ibuprofen”;
  • “Piroxicam”
  • “Naproksen”.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in each situation begins with nonsteroid resolvents, especially it's relevant for the disease in the minimum or moderately active stage. Recovery from this illness is in many respects connected with specific features of each specific patient. For example, drug treatment is assigned especially accurately to children and elderly people, taking all probable undesirable reactions in attention. In cases of a heavy stage and if the patient has any extra articulate manifestations, arthritis is treated by means of cytotoxic antidepressants.

Additional drugs

Basic medicines are intended for interruption of the course of disease and also for prevention of joints destruction and the subsequent possible aggravations. The therapy with such medicines takes quite long time, first results are visible at least in 30 days. The most popular medicine from this group is Sulfasalazin.


Glucocorticosteroids against rheumatoid arthritis are taken orally or in the form of pricks. These remedies are applied either orally, or intra-articular. The application method depends on severity of rheumatoid arthritis and its localization. If the patient uses medicine per os, then medicines from this group allow suppressing inflammatory processes, to stop changes in a bone tissue. Intra-articular injection of glucocorticosteroids is applied to overcome inflammations when medicines for the oral use were inefficient.

Use the following drugs:

Physiotherapeutic actions

Doctors note that there are cases when arthritis could be successfully treated by means of physical therapy. It's possible to struggle with a disease also by such methods as:

  • ultraviolet;
  • electrophoresis;
  • phonophoresis;
  • cryotherapy;
  • laser helium-neon radiation;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • phototherapy;
  • naftalanoterapy.

Application of traditional medicine in treatment

Many diseases are treated by means of traditional medicine for a long time. Rheumatoid arthritis can be treated also at home, using recipes of traditional medicine. Various infusions, compresses help to remove pain syndrome, for example, violet or birch extract and many other medical plant extracts.

Methods of traditional medicine are a secondary way at treatment of this disease. Also before use of various rubs it's necessary to consult the doctor. As there is a risk of an allergy, all traditional methods should be applied individually.

Published at 08/09/2018

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