How to do gymnastics?

Morning exercises are like oil for a car motor: they help to activate your organism and to work quickly all day long.

Why gymnastics is necessary in the mornings

Morning gymnastics help to “switch” the organism to the working condition. When you are asleep all systems of your body go to sleep mode too: heart beat decreases, muscles relax, internals function at slow rate.

Physical training speeds up the functioning of a human body. Blood circulation improves. Eye, vestibular, hearing organs wake up and begin to work in a usual mode. The nervous system gets mobilized: drowsiness and retardation disappear.

Already after 10-15 minutes of easy morning exercises people feel fit. Without that a total awakening of the organism would take up to 2-3 hours. Sometimes you have already had breakfast and have arrived at work, but it feels like you're still sleeping – gymnastics eliminates this feeling in the morning.

How to do exercises in the mornings

The purpose of morning exercises is to activate the functions of your organism without tiring it. The set of exercises looks as follows:

  • exercises for hands and the body
  • exercises for a neck
  • exercises for legs
  • power exercises and jogging

In the mornings it's possible to add a few power exercises to your training plan: push-ups and twisting a press.

When to do morning exercises

  • Doctors recommend to train right after waking up in the mornings – before washing and breakfast.
  • It's necessary to train every morning. Experts note that just two-three weeks of physical training in the morning affect the entire organism very well. You'll get rid of fatigue during the working day, your mood will improve, headaches and heaviness will disappear.

When do you have to eat after morning exercises

Right after the gymnastics you can drink a glass of water. Then spend 20-30 minutes washing and taking a shower, and then start your breakfast. Morning exercises differ from a full morning training by lower intensity, therefore your organism doesn't need a lot of time to adapt from physical load and “to switch” to food digestion.

What else do you have to know about how to train in the mornings:

  • do gymnastics with music. Music helps to wake up and to do sports more vigorously;
  • if it's difficult for you to get up from your bed, do some part of exercises without getting out of it. Begin your complex of morning gymnastics with neck training. Then twist hands, shoulder joints, forearms. And after that get out of the bed to make the rest exercises;
  • change the order of exercises from time to time to make it not so boring. Sometimes you can add something new – for example, include two sets of pulling up, 10-15 times for each set.
Published at 09/05/2018