How to get rid of allergies forever?

In Greek, the term “allergy” means “another, alien”. It reflects the essence of this common disease. All manifestations of allergy ranging from a common runny nose and ending with a severe form of asthma represent an inadequate reaction of the immune system to a particular irritant (allergen).

Officially the term “allergy” start to be used in 1906 when Austrian pediatrician observing his patients noted the interrelation of some symptoms such as sneezing and running nose with the influence of certain environmental substances (for example, particular pollen). For a long time it was believed that the hypersensitivity of the body to allergens develops due to a violation of the function of immunoglobulins E but it soon became clear that the emergence of a multitude of symptoms previously classified as an allergy cause numerous mechanisms involving various chemicals.

Unfortunately, every year the number of people suffering from allergies increases. The patient often suffers from this disease from infancy. It's no wonder, because the ecological situation leaves much to be desired, people abuse of antibiotics, sulfonamides, vitamins in large doses and they have improper feeding. Many people work with various chemicals, which is also an additional risk. Heredity has a major role. The likelihood of an allergic “response” increases tenfold if relatives suffered from at least one type of allergy.

According to the latest data, in some cases allergic diseases occur due to changes in the gut flora (dysbacteriosis) when undigested allergens enter the bloodstream. The problem is that allergens are literally in everything that surrounds us.

Academic medicine has several methods of treating allergies. These methods are based on a certain effect on the antibodies which found in the body. This is the so-called immunotherapy, it is carried out in two ways: phased vaccination with increasing doses of the antigen according to an individually developed scheme and intravenous injections of antibodies that bind the immunoglobulins. This is what immunotherapy is. It is carried out in two ways: stepped vaccination with increasing doses of antigen according to an individually therapeutic regimen and intravenous injection of antibodies that bind immunoglobulins.

In some cases the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with small doses of histamine drugs which gradually increases. Thus, the body acquires a certain stability and the number of allergic “responses” decreases. In certain cases this brings a significant relief to a person and makes it possible to live a more or less full life but unfortunately does not solve the problem completely. However, long-term use of these drugs inevitably suppresses immunity which can have negative consequences in the future.

If you want to get rid of allergies forever, treatment should be aimed at immunity regulation, rather than suppressing it. This should be due to the normalization of the gut flora. It is important to understand that to solve this difficult problem takes time and you should tune in to treatment and, of course, to a positive result.

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    • Allergy is an autoimmune response of the organism to the mostly non-hazardous substances or other factors affecting our body. Many researchers nowadays associate allergy with psychological state of a person.

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    • Skin care is the range of procedures supporting skin integrity, enhancing its appearance and eliminating negative skin conditions. Except for these procedures, we need to eat healthy food, lead a healthy lifestyle, move more and treat everything in a positive way.

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