How to make Levitra more effective?

You shouldn't fall into despair if you didn't manage to achieve full potency at once. The first thing you can do is to increase the dosage carefully. If the this medicine was prescribed by a doctor, take the other half of the tablet or order Levitra with higher concentration (for example, 10 mg). In most cases such quantity will be enough to reach full sexual satisfaction.

Next time try to refuse consumption of alcoholic beverages before the planned sexual activity and substitute fat dishes with light meals which won't interfere with absorption of the active component in blood.

One more important rule: try to relax and not to think of the erection problems and what happens next. If a man is very nervous and worried about what happens in a few minutes, even the most effective medicine cease to work.

Don't mix Generic Levitra with other medicines (antidepressants, psychostimulators, antiviral agents). Try not to take such medicine before the sexual contact.

Useful tips on Levitra's intake

If you see that the effect of the medicine intake doesn't come, don't enlarge the dosage uncontrolledly. You can take a half of the tablet more an hour later after the intake of the main dose, however, if the medicine doesn't work, it's recommended to consult the expert to detect the reason and update the scheme of erectile dysfunction treatment. Strong increase of the active ingredient concentration can lead to serious health problems.

Wash down the tablet with fresh water. Some experts claim that simultaneous intake of medicines and citrus juice significantly reduces the efficiency of the former. It's a controversial issue, however in such situations it's better not to risk and to stick to the standard rule: take the tablet with an appropriate amount of fresh water.

Also you should avoid physical overloads an stresses as they can cause unexpected reaction in the body. In such cases the results of the treatment with the above mentioned medicine can become unpredictable.

If you adhere to the rules given above carefully but Levitra doesn't help, consult the expert who can help you to choose other stimulators taking into account specific features of your organism. Besides, you can get samplers (one tablet set) of several medicines in Internet drugstores: it will help you to find an optimal option.

Thus, Levitra is a sexual stimulator with the active ingredient called Vardenafil which influences cerebral cortex and leads to achievement of a guaranted resistant erection. Practice shows that such medicine helps practically all men having erectile dysfunction or temporary problems with erection. However if because of any of the above-mentioned reasons Levitra hasn't provided the desired erection, you can try a set of the stimulators presented at the market of modern pharmacology.

Published at 10/08/2018

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