How to massage prostate?

Sexual health has always been very important for men. Every fourth man suffers from problems with the prostate. Sometimes you even need a prostate milking, which is frightening for many men.

The prostate gland is a male organ that is responsible for the creation and excretion of spermatozoa. It is located between the rectum and the bladder. Its output leads into the urethra. The purpose of this organ is to develop a special secretion which dilutes the sperm and makes the spermatozoa more mobile.

Only an urologist can perform massage. The irreparable changes can be a result of improperly performed action. Milking is done with a full bladder. At the end of the session the urine flush out the urethra. The organ is affected with a finger. A full bladder provides for the best contact between the finger and the prostate. Duration of the exercise is about 1 minute. At first the procedure is performed on its right lobe, and then on the left one. The pressure on the gland depends on its density, the denser it is, the stronger the pressure. There should not be pain if the procedure is done correctly. Wrong or gross pressure causes its swelling resulting in the urethra closure. Delayed urination has many consequences, so it's better not to take risks.

Direct self-massage technique:

At home this procedure can be done in a bath filled with warm water. It is necessary to lie down, spread legs, take mineral butter or baby cream with the index finger and insert it into the anus. The tubercle of the gland is determined by the anterior wall of the rectum, which is several centimeters above the anus. The gland should be affected by pressing movements from the side surfaces to the center. In case of discomfort the intensity of the exposure should be reduced, and in case of severe pain immediately stop the procedure. During self-massage there can be released a few drops of secretion fluid from the urethra. The duration of one session is 1-1.5 minutes. The procedure should be conducted every other day.

Indirect self-massage technique:

This technique is most effective in the early stages of the disease. The advantage of this method is the ability to carry out the procedure practically in any conditions – at home, at work, in transport. The gland is affected by repeated rhythmic contraction of the crotch muscles and anal sphincter. It is necessary to make a deep breathing and “retract” the anus. On exhalation, relax the pelvic floor muscles. One treating session should include 20-25 cycles of contraction. Exercise should be repeated in the morning and evening.

Published at 09/11/2018

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  • Prostatitis
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    • Prostatitis is one of the most common urological diseases in men. The prostate gland inflammation can be provoked by hypothermia, lack of physical activity, reduced immunity due to other diseases, sexually transmitted disease, bad habits, lasting fatigue and stress.

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