How to pleasure a man after prostate surgery?

.In order to enter into sexual intimacy, men need an erection. A sharp filling of the sexual organ with blood happens under the influence of arousal. When the brain realizes that the body has sexual intimacy, it sends a signal to the sexual organ.

At this point, there is not only a sharp rush of blood to the penis. There is also a release of certain hormones, namely adrenaline, and testosterone. This causes increased blood circulation in the male body, especially in the pelvic organs.

Initially, a large blood flow fills the genital organ. Then the fluid returns to other organs: liver, muscles, spleen. This happens in the normal state of the male body. After a prostate surgery, a large and sharp flush of fluid can be both beneficial and harmful. It all depends on some features. Therefore, it’s impossible to say for sure that making love will be harmful or useful for a particular man.

Main problem

One of the biggest problems faced by men after the removal of prostate adenoma is the lack of an erection. Sexual intimacy is very useful for men who have got rid of their illness. This will avoid relapse. Experts recommend thinking about the erectile function restoration no earlier than one month after the end of prostate adenoma treatment.


Many gentlemen, who are to remove a benign tumor with prostatic hyperplasia, are afraid that they will become impotent. There are indeed risks. But more than half of the patients who have undergone such surgery later have a normal sex life. Of course, you will need to do a lot of work on your body. But it’s quite possible to restore the erectile function, though not immediately.

Important: With regard to whether sex is useful after the removal of prostate adenoma, the answer is positive, but you need to know the measure and be extremely careful. If too much testosterone is ingested, it will cause a relapse of the disease.

To have a normal sex life, as before surgery, a man needs to restore physical strength. This will take at least a month. After that, you can start working on the return of erection.


There are a number of drugs that can have a positive effect. But they can be used only on the recommendation of the doctor. In addition, experts often advise vibratory massage, which is carried out using vibrostimulators. In addition, there are special vacuum-type devices that are able to restore male power.

If the drug or physiotherapy didn’t give results, you can try a surgical method. It is based on the introduction of implants. This method of recovery of erectile function after removal of prostate adenoma is effective in 95% of cases.

Sexual intimacy with benign prostatic hyperplasia will be very helpful. Sexual contacts positively affect both the physical and psychological state of each person. But we must remember that both deficiency and excess can lead to undesirable consequences.

Published at 04/28/2019

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