How to prevent arthritis in hands?

By Paul Clark
Updated 2020-03-11 17:21:42 | Published 2018-08-08 16:26:59
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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of joints with the subsequent destruction of them. Severe pains occur at any movement, and especially when walking. Skin reddens in the field of the disease site, condition of a patient is close to a feverish one. Without an adequate treatment irreversible changes happens over time in sheaves and circumarticular capsule and cartilages become thinner, sick joints deform. Arthritis affects most often hands, also feet, knees and elbows.

Prevention methods:

  1. Control overweight which becomes the reason of premature wear of joints and cartilages.
  2. Regular sport activities for strengthening of muscles supporting joints.
  3. Control the backbone position during weight lifting – don't bend it to the left or to the right.
  4. Avoid abrupt movements, injuries and excessive loads of muscles and joints.
  5. Balanced diet with an increased quantity of the products containing polynonsaturated fatty acids (fat fish and cod-liver oil). Calcium is necessary for bones. Therefore it's worth to increase consumption of milk and fish. It's necessary to reduce amount of animal fats which contain a lot of harmful cholesterol.
  6. Avoid long stay in one position.
  7. Sugar destroys joints therefore its quantity in a diet needs to be minimized or excluded totally.
  8. Get rid of addictions – smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks.
  9. Control your bearing to decrease the load.
  10. Make your workplace maximal comfortable. Adjust height of a chair and a table to sit straight.
  11. Treat infections in due time, in particular it concerns pharyngitises and quinsies.
  12. Arrange breaks in work regularely to do small exercises.
  13. Find and neutralize the centers of chronic infections in time, treat carious teeth.

Useful tips for arthritis prevention:

  • swimming;
  • sport walking;
  • riding a bike;
  • regularly stretching;
  • tempering;
  • using vitamins.

Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis divides in primary which is directed to prevention of the disease and secondary intended to prevent a recurrence and further development.

Primary prevention methods:

  • Strengthening and increasing immunity by tempering.
  • Intake of vitamins and adaptogens.
  • Correct treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, in particular those which are caused by streptococci.
  • Exercises and sport.
  • Prevention of chronic infections, such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis and antritis.

Secondary prevention methods:

  • Regular physiotherapy exercises which help to prevent development of a contracture, immobilization and an atrophy of muscles.
  • Special supporting tires.
  • Dietary food with the small content of sugar, animal fats, salts and simultaneous increase in fast meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, whole-grain consumption.
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    • Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease, which can be caused by different reasons. If there is only one joint inflamed then it is called monoarthritis, if several joints affected then it is polyarthritis.

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