How to protect hair in winter?

What happens to the hair in the winter and how properly take care?
Cold winter, when cold chills the skin, and the streets are covered with white and fluffy snow, it is worth considering not only on holiday in hot countries, but also to take care of how to preserve the health and beauty of natural hair. And it can be done quite simply. The main thing to ensure proper hair care in winter.

  • It is no secret that during the cold period all the hair problems are exacerbated: healthy curls lose their luster and shine, and weakened or damaged and did begin to fall rapidly. Why is this happening? The fact that the cold has a detrimental effect on our skin and hair. Under the action of low temperature vasoconstriction occurs scalp, thereby reducing secretion of sebum, in turn, leads to excessive dryness and brittle hair.
  • To all this is often added to such negative factors as artificial drying hair styling their hair dryer, perming which make hair weakened. And the lack of vitamins in the body does not add luster natural curls, but rather aggravates the situation and often becomes the main cause of severe hair loss.

If the hair in the winter electrified

  • Despite the fact that the main problems of the hair in the winter they are dry and brittle, many women in the cold season often begin to notice that the hair electrified. The main reason for the electrification of our curls winter excessive dryness of the air in heated rooms and frequent contact with the hair of wool or synthetic clothing. Often, this contributes to the use of headgear, lined with non-natural fabrics. Compounding the situation is too frequent use of hair dryer, curling irons and curlers.
  • Thus, the reasons are understandable, but what can you do if your hair strong magnets? Perhaps the only way out of this situation can be moisturizing. And its not so much about the room humidification as wetness hair, which today you can achieve by using special cosmetics. Therefore, if your tresses in the winter months too often electrified, has expanded its makeup special caring agents, in particular anti-static sprays for hair, as well as paint, shampoo and hair conditioner to the same principle.

Due to the adverse effects of the cold winter hair needs special care, the main principles of which should be:

  1. protection;
  2. gentle daily care;
  3. food.

How to protect your hair in the winter

One of the main rules of hair care in winter is to protect them from the cold. Despite the abundance of well-publicized safety of cosmetics for hair from famous brands, the most simple and reliable way to protect your tresses from the adverse effects of cold is a headdress. Yes, beauty is always demands sacrifice, and this beauty must be protected. So feel free to use the headgear if the temperature falls below -5 ° C. The main thing do not forget that it should not be too tight, so as not to squeeze the temples and neck. And do not worry, because today under the headdress is not necessarily meant a large and warm hat, it may be fashionable beret, cap or, for example, a fur hood.

Daily hair care in winter

Cold winter, our locks need not only protection, but also in the careful and thorough daily care. To maintain the health of hair in winter, stylists advise to follow a few simple rules:

1. Avoid too high temperatures.

In the winter months, experts recommend washing your hair to abandon the hot water and minimize the use of a hair dryer, heated hair rollers and curling irons because they are washed out of the fat dry scalp.

2. More often comb the hair.

Frequent combing occurs micro scalp, thus improving circulation, hair follicles are saturated with energy, and your curls are tight. However, this occurs only as a result of combing hair comb with ceramic teeth or brushes with natural bristles.

3. Let your hair useful.

To return the hair shine and a healthy glow, use cosmetics to vitamins A, E and B.

4. Particular attention to the daily care of dry hair.

Pick up for itself to take care line specially designed for this type of hair, and do not forget at least once a week to make oil wraps dry curls. Help dry your hair in the winter and aromaraschesyvanie using essential oils.

Published at 02/26/2021