How to quit smoking weed?

By Dr. Paul Thomas
Updated 2021-02-17 19:20:20 | Published 2018-09-09 06:33:54
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Smoking weed is currently becoming a more and more popular trend, it is being actively legalized in many countries and replacing the traditional ways of chilling out like alcohol and tobacco.

However many people, who has been smoking weed for years might experience a problem quitting this habit. So, here we are going to ponder on the ways to do that safely and easily.

My friend Samuil from Bulgaria, where people smoke a lot, has told me that there are only two options to do that: to die, being as a result actually unable to lit the pipe or to stop smoking and start eating cannabis oils instead. This is an interesting approach to the issue, however our readers are probably seeking more practical ways, especially so that squeezing the oil is quite difficult technically, let alone dying.

One of the most efficient way to get rid of something that is pleasant to use, however cannot be taken anymore because of health or social considerations, is to replace this source of endorphins with another one.

The most popular options in such situations are start doing more sports. Jogging, swimming, going to a gym would do, however it might be more efficient to do more extreme sport like MMA fighting or diving. Motorcycling can also be an option, for in this sport a person gets quite an amount of adrenaline, which replaces other neurotransmitters very efficiently.

Another source of endorphins for a person in his daily life is sex. In case you are married try visiting local sex shop and buy several toys to play and diversify your sexual life, if you are still a youngster go to a club to pick up a new date for you.

An unusual, however quite efficient method discovered recently is the new type of tea delivered from China. This is puer tea or the earth tea, this is how some people call it. This tea lifts the spirits up and refreshes you amazingly well, so the desire to smoke weed might disappear and something else might come your way. Brewing the tea is quite easy as well and currently a person can buy it almost in any big city in every country all around the globe.

I have heard that some people try to replace weed with alcohol or even with other light drugs, and that is definitely not advisable as you are just replacing one addiction with another, so nothing changes in fact, and the problem might even get worse.

Some people, that fell down with a really strong addiction to the substance might have to seek doctor’s advice. Although it is well-known that marihuana doesn’t cause physical addiction, however psychological addiction is there for sure. So, it is not you therapist but a psychologist you might need to visit.

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    • Quitting smoking is an exceptional event for individual physiology and also psychology. However, many people are afraid of the possibility of negative effects development caused by stop smoking – pain, nervousness, weight gain.

  1. I have tried many wave to quit smoking, almost any solutions for that. I guess the only way is just stop smoking without any help like e-cigarretes etc..